Thinking Of An Exotic Way Of Hosting Gatherings? Here Is How You Can Host A Perfect Tea Party

Tea parties are a timeless tradition that evoke feelings of elegance and relaxation. They can be formal or casual affairs, but regardless of the style, careful attention to detail is key. This includes a few tips and tea sets to bring out the elegance of the gathering.

Thinking Of An Exotic Way Of Hosting Gatherings? Here Is How You Can Host A Perfect Tea Party

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A traditional tea party is an elegant event that is characterised by timelessness and relaxation. Regardless of whether it is a casual gathering or formal event, one should be attentive to details and have some sophistication. Here are five indispensable tips on how to make your tea party become an enjoyable moment both for you and your friends.

Tea is typically served in the middle of the day and includes a light menu consisting of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and a few small treats in addition to tea. Back in time, every afternoon, an English tea party was planned. The custom was upheld in Edwardian England and extends back nearly two centuries to Victorian England. However, it is exciting to note that its popularity hasn't decreased even in the present. Naturally, India is where all of this tea originated, making it a reason for an afternoon get-together leading to a light lunch-of course with tea.

Typically, Tea Parties are rather formal affairs with freshly brewed tea served with a selection of tea-friendly foods that can be easily consumed while in a sitting room and don't require fancy cutlery or arrangements.

Five Tips On How To Host The Perfect Tea Party:

Choose The Right Venue: The look and feel of your tea party depends heavily on its environment. Depending on the mood you want to set, choose a place that suits this perfectly such as a sunny garden, cosy living room or beautiful tearoom. Decorate tables with soft tablecloths, flowers as well as stylish cutlery to enhance the atmosphere.

Choosing Teas: As many of the guests may be different in terms of their tastes and preferences concerning beverages, one should take into account various possible preferences when getting ready for a tea party. Include classics such as Earl Grey or Tea Snack alongside herbal blends and exotic flavours for variety. Additionally, you can also provide milk, sugar, lemons and honey so that everyone gets his/her desired level of customisation and sweetness in the beverage cup.

Prepare Delectable Foods: Accompany the tea with a variety of delicious edibles that suit both tastes of sweet and savoury. For savouries, you can try serving traditional tea sandwiches, pakoras, samosas, and fried snacks; for those who prefer sweet, you may serve scones, pastries, and cookies. Add some petit fours, macarons, fruit tarts and English desserts to make it more elegant.

Grasp The Art Of Presentation: Take your tea party up a notch by concentrating on how you present it. Place the food on multi-tiered stands and decorate them using edible flowers and garnishes. Enhance this experience by providing delicate teaspoons, napkins as well as elegant service ware. Further still, you could tie in the aesthetics by including theme elements or colour schemes.

Focus On Elegant Entertainment: Get your invitees involved in tasteful activities that match the relaxed mood of a high tea gathering. For example, you could opt for live music from a jazz band, harpist or classical guitarist to elevate the mood while the guests mingle and socialise. In addition, you may choose to organise other events like card games, tea tasting or quizzes on the history and culture of tea.

Tea Sets To Bring Out The Grace Of Tea:

1. Golden Peacock White And Black Printed Aluminum Kettle Set

Add a bit of flare to your tea routine with the brilliant Aluminum Kettle Set. Built with lightweight aluminium, this kettle heats water very quickly and efficiently. The eye-catching printed design adds a touch of personality to your kitchen, while the glossy finish makes it easy to clean. This set is ideal for those who like colour and tradition in their morning routine.

2. Larah By BOROSIL White And Blue 12 Pcs Printed Opalware Glossy Cups And Saucers

This 12-piece cup and saucer set is a classic combination of grace and utility. These cups and saucers are crafted from opalware which is made up of an ultra-lightweight material that cannot be broken easily making them perfect for everyday use. With a charming print design on top of the pure white base, these cups are super cute to have on any dining table. Nevertheless, there's more than just aesthetics to this set.

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Crafted from hard-wearing stoneware, this beautiful 15-piece dinnerware set provides elegance and practicality to your tabletop. The set features an attractive printed design that adds liveliness. The best part? You can put them in the dishwasher or microwave without ruining them. Microwave microwave-safe feature warms your tea or coffee in seconds before allowing the dishwasher to do its work; no abrasive scrubbing here! This set is great for those who value both beauty and simplicity.

4. ExclusiveLane Mustard Yellow Set of 6 Handcrafted Ceramic Cups & Saucers

Each cup and saucer has a pretty flower pattern that adds a lot of charm to any table setting. For worry-free use, it has a lead-free glaze while each piece of pottery has its own character from being handcrafted. These cups would be beautiful glazed mugs to drink my coffee from in the morning or tea during those smooth evenings. These cups have a ceramic surface which makes it comfortable when held in hands with an added artistic touch.

5. Ekhasa Gold-Toned 4 Pieces Brass Glossy Cups And Saucers Set

This elegant set will make you appreciate even more the art of making tea or coffee every day through its fine appearance and quality materials. These cups and saucers are made of gleaming brass that is polished to a high sheen, therefore giving it the appearance of gold. It has a solid pattern which gives it a timeless look hence making it suitable for all occasions. However, beyond the aesthetics, the set is designed for practicality. This makes having your favourite morning drink in them easy as 130 ml can fit and what's even better? They can be used both in dishwashers and microwaves! Use them for quick reheats in your micro and do not hesitate to let them go through the dishwasher when cleaning.

6. CLAY CRAFT Gold-Toned White 15 Pieces Floral Printed Ceramic Glossy Kettle Set

Go into the ancient rite of tea with this beautiful fifteen-piece ceramic tea set. Meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted by skilled artists, each item from teapots (with lid) to delicate cups, saucers, milk pots and sugar pots exudes artistry and dedication. The white ceramic base features an attractive floral print, bringing charm and whimsy to your tabletop.

7. Homesake White Ceramic Tea Pot With 4 Cups

Find peace during a quiet cup of tea with this basic four-piece tea set. These are made from smooth white ceramics that have been textured beautifully giving an understated feel to your table setting. This round-type teapot plus cups seem very calm which creates a mindful ritual of enjoying tea.

8. MITHILA Handicrafts Black And Gold Toned 7 Pieces Printed Ceramic Matte Kettle Set

This captivating 7-piece tea set elevates your tea ritual to a whole new level. Crafted from elegant matte ceramic, the pieces boast a striking black base accentuated with gold-toned prints, creating a look that's both sophisticated and modern.

The tradition of tea parties focuses on a forgotten era of elegance. This is your chance to bring that back through your chosen decor, what you serve and how you entertain your guests. With the right preparation, your guests will have the time of their lives. Thus, prepare yourself some tea with class on your table ready for a perfectly hosted tea party. And don't forget to shop on Myntra for elegant tea sets and services.