These 5 Oxidised Bracelets Will Give A Boho Chic Spin To Your Regular OOTD

Make some room for these oxidised bracelets in your jewellery collection

These 5 Oxidised Bracelets Will Give A Boho Chic Spin To Your Regular OOTD

Chunky jewellery pieces are ever so charming and nothing can beat their style. While we love the glory of gorgeous, sleek diamonds, sometimes all we need are some funky, statement picks to add an extra element to our look. We often turn to mainstream jewellery pieces like necklaces or earrings to make a statement but trust us, bracelets are equally good and the right ones can make all the difference. Oxidised bracelets are just the best way to accentuate any look. These handpicked bracelets will always be a go-to favourite, from giving a boho touch to being a statement addition.

These Oxidised Bracelets Will Add A Boho Charm To Your Look

1. Triyama Oxidised Antique Adjustable Kundan Bracelet

Boho vibes go way too well with almost every attire. These beautiful bracelets come in a set of two and have minute detailing over it. They have an adjustable grip, making it easy to adorn them.

2. Shining Diva Fashion Oxidized Silver Bracelet

If you are a minimalist, this pick would definitely add to your stylish jewellery collection. This sleek bracelet comes with colourful stone detailing that added a pop of colour to it and featured a simple and hassle-free hook closure.

3. Nityakshi Banjara Style Oxidised Silver Plated Bracelet

Looking to add a dramatic edge to your look? Well, this stunning statement bracelet is the best way to do so. This adjustable bracelet had a cuff style and featured jhumka-style tassels. You can simply pair it with a white kurta and denim to make a statement.

4. YouBella Jewellery Silver Plated Oxidised Cuff Bracelet

This cuff bracelet is the best way to notch up your look. It comes with minute detailing over the metal surface and the broad style of this bracelet makes it totally worth it.

5. Shining Diva Fashion Jewellery Oxidised Bracelet

Featuring a super sleek and minimal design, this bracelet comes with a three-layered style with micro gold plating. The easy hook closure makes it super easy to adorn it.