Food Grade Silicone Essentials You Need In Your Kitchen

Silicone is gradually becoming popular in Indian kitchens and here are some of the safe silicone kitchen essentials that you can get too.

Food Grade Silicone Essentials You Need In Your Kitchen

Read about these silicone kitchen essentials that are safe to use

It's no news to us that silicone spatulas and bake wares have slowly taken over the internet. The reason you ask? Silicone utensils are one of the most efficient non-stick materials and act as the best option for baking. Further, silicone spatulas are some of the best non-scratch materials for your pots and pans unlike steel spatulas. Also, unlike plastic, these silicon kitchen essentials are sturdy and can withstand extreme temperatures without leaching out chemicals. The variety and reasonable prices are among other added benefits of silicone kitchen essentials. Do you want to know what silicone options can you use in your kitchen safely? Go through the list below.

5 Food Grade Silicone Essentials You Need In Your Kitchen

1. Baskety Silicone Spatula Set :

The product is made of food grade silicone, it is BPA free and FDA approved for safe and healthy cooking. With added stainless steel to every piece, these spatulas are sturdy and easy to handle.

2. Atmyhome Silicon Gloves :

These silicone potholders are made with thick heat resistant material and are the ultimate accessory you need in your kitchen. These pot holders will help you work with all the hot utensils without an issue.

3. FrenchWareUltra Premium Silicone Set:

This extensive set comes with 18 pieces of non-toxic, heat resistant, safe silicone items. The set includes almost everything from spatulas, ladles, tong, pasta fork, pot holders, measuring spoons and others.

4. Heltus12 Pcs Silicone Stretch Lids :

These stretchable lids will make storage extremely easy for you. They can be used to cover utensils, containers, jars and even cut fruits. These lids are BPA-free, food-grade and completely non-toxic.

5. Maharsh Square Shape Mat:

These mats can be used to place utensils to save the kitchen top from extreme heat damage. They can also be used to hold or pick hot utensils; due to their high heat resistant you can use these mats for different purposes.