Dinner Set Available Online For Under Rs. 1000 - 5 Options For You

We found some good and budget-friendly dinnerware options for you. Read on to know more.

Dinner Set Available Online For Under Rs. 1000 - 5 Options For You

A good dinnerware plays equally important role in our everyday food regime. Good quality crockeries, sturdy and BPA-free plates and bowls etc help elevate the whole dining experience by leaps and bounds. In fact, dal, chawal and sabzi taste better when served on an elegant plate. If you explore, you will find a wide range of dinnerware options, available at different price range. Here, we bring you some options that are chic, elegant and come under your budget. Read on.

Here Are 5 Dinnerware Options Available Under Rs. 1000:

ZAVETA Light Weight Dinner Set:

It is a set of 36 pieces of plates, quarter plates, bowls, serveware and more. Made of good quality plastic, it is light weight and can be used on a daily basis.

ServEzee Dinner Set:

This product comes in a set of 24 pieces of plates, glasses and bowls. These utensils are rust-free, made of good quality stainless steel and can easily be washed after every use. It is resistant to corrosion as well.

Home Decorise Melamine Matt Black Dinner Set:

Made of melamine, it comes in a set of full dinner plates, half plates, bowls, spoons and chutney dip bowl. These utensils are unbreakable, light weight and easily stackable that helps save space in the kitchen.

Flobiz Dinner Set:

It is a 36-piece dinner set that includes full plates, quarter plates, serving bowl with lids, veg bowls, serving spoons and table spoons. These utensils are light, easy to clean and can be stored in refrigerator easily.

MEZON Dinner Set For Kids:

This dinner set is made of unbreakable wheat straw plastic and free of BPA. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and can be a good alternative to glass, silicone and ceramic.