Back To Work: 5 Of The Best Tiffin Boxes For Your Return To The Office/School

With offices and schools opening up, many of us will be carrying our lunch in a tiffin box. Here are some of the best tiffin boxes for daily use.

Back To Work: 5 Of The Best Tiffin Boxes For Your Return To The Office/School

The world is slowly getting back to its normal pace and offices and schools are back to functioning like the pre-COVID days. Many of us have re-joined our offices and children are adjusting to the offline classes with every passing day. This also means that we will be gone for the whole day, often with packed tiffin boxes for lunch and snacks. If you are returning back to office or have children that will be joining school soon, you need to make sure that the tiffin boxes you use are safe and hygienic for prolonged use. From checking the insulation of the box to making sure that it is travel-friendly for your everyday journey to the office, there are many things you may need to consider while getting a tiffin box. If you are on the lookout for the same, here are some of the best options that are available online.

5 Of The Best Tiffin Boxes Of The Season:

1. Jillion Stainless Steel Lunch Box:

Insulated and well designed, the lunch box has an inner shell that is constructed with sturdy stainless steel, a material lauded for its durability. Effective insulations keep your foods hot and warm for a while. It is safe and easy to clean. Sleek compact and lightweight design makes this lunch box more useful in everyday use that's better by any measures. Lid with air tight closure ensures spill proof or leak free usage along with the wide mouth design that allows you to clean them efficiently to maintain hygiene.

2. Milton Stainless Steel Insulated Tiffin:

The tiffin box is insulated, sturdy and made with CFC free soft polyurethane foam that keeps the content hot, fresh and tasty for hours. It has 3 round stainless-steel leak-proof containers which can be used for dry and semi liquid food. The stainless-steel leak-proof tumbler is ideal for water, juice, buttermilk etc. It is ideal for travelling and office-going people.

3. Srxes Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes:

Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, PP5 food grade material and BPA free airtight lid. It is well sealed, durable and long lasting and safe to use on a daily basis. Each section is sealed independently to keep meals and snacks fresh and mess-free. It is both dishwasher and freezer safe. It is recommended to hand wash the lid to maintain its airtight and leak-proof seal system.

4. Oliveware Lunch Box With Bottle:

The stainless-steel containers are airtight and leak proof. The full 360-degree lock-able lid of the containers consists of food grade silicon seal that locks in the freshness and retains the moisture of the food for long hours. The leak-proof lid also prevents food spillage. The Oliveware lunch box set comes with a fabric carry bag having a belt which makes it easy to carry.

5. Borosil Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box:

This double vacuum insulated lunch box will keep your food piping hot and fresh for up to 8 hours. The case as well as the containers are made of food grade stainless steel and they are leak-resistant too. The hydra lunch box comes with an air vent button on the main lid, to help release the steam pressure that builds up inside the box for easy opening. The lunch box comes with an anti-skid grip at the bottom of the case that keeps it from skidding on slippery surfaces.

There you go, get one of these tiffin boxes for the best and safest lunch time once you are back to office or school.