Amazon Great Indian Festival: Top 10 Diwan Sets That Will Fit Beautifully In Your Home

The best 10 diwan sets that are perfect to brighten up your home decor during the festive season

Amazon Great Indian Festival: Top 10 Diwan Sets That Will Fit Beautifully In Your Home

These diwan sets will add a stunning edge to your home; image Credit: iStock

Furniture is the best way to accentuate your home decor and diwan sets are another irreplaceable home decor item. They are a perfect blend of modern and traditional when it comes to decking up your house. They are the most common home decor or furniture item that one can own. They simply add a vibrant and lively vibe to that area of the house and make it a cosy corner of the house. When it comes to adding colours to your diwan, diwan sets are perfect to serve this purpose. Fun, quirky, elegant and more, extraordinary designs and impeccable patterns add a trendy edge to your house. From lightweight materials and comfy fabrics to stunning traditional prints and quirky patterns, we have got you the best diwan sets for your house. And with Amazon Great Indian Festival, you have all the reasons to buy them without burning a hole in your pocket too.

Brand                                       Price in India          Buy Now

Live Home                                Rs598                      Amazon

Dynamic Homes                       Rs 549                     Amazon

Aashiyana Sajona                    Rs 799                      Amazon

Vomzer                                      Rs 498                    Amazon

Rajasthanikart                          Rs 498                     Amazon

Swayam                                     Rs 1,833                Amazon

Castiqa                                       Rs 809                  Amazon

Maniqatex                                   Rs 449                  Amazon

Jaat Hub                                      Rs 489                 Amazon

Festival Home Furnishings       Rs 476                     Amazon

We Have Handpicked Stunning Diwan Sets For You

Add these top 10 diwan sets to your home decor aesthetic right now!

1. Live Home Diwan Set

Diwan sets are a perfect way to accentuate any home decor aesthetics. Brighten up your home with this gorgeous and quirky diwan set. It comes with bright, quirky prints and is made of extremely fine fibres of polyester. It features a black and yellow shade and has cartoon prints on it, which also makes it a great and fun pick for your kids. This diwan set will add a quirky bit to your home decor style with its vibrant and quirky style. You can keep the other decor subtle and simple in order to balance the same. The material of the sheets are ultra-breathable and ultra-soft, which offers you great comfort and is perfect for you to relax.

2. Dynamic Homes Cotton Printed Designer Floral Diwan Set

This diwan set comes with eight pieces and features a beautiful grey shade. It comes with peppy pink dots over it arranged in a four-leaf flower pattern, which are adding a pop of colour to it. This eight-piece set that includes five cushion covers, one bed sheet for a single bed and two covers. The set is made of cotton fabric which ideally is a great pick for the same and can be used in almost every weather. A word of caution though, avoid dry cleaning the covers and bed sheets.

3. Aashiyana Sajona Cotton Diwan Set of Bedsheet

We all love a home decor piece that is good in quality and fits our budget. This beautiful printed set has one sheet (90inches x 57inches), five cushion covers (15inches x 15inches) and two bolster covers (31-inch length). It comes with a colourful printed pattern which is perfectly adding a touch of coloured factor to its style. It is super easy when it comes to maintenance and can be washed in the washing machine. The cotton material makes it breathable, soft and durable.

4. Vomzer Microfiber Solid And Striped Diwan Set

This stunning wine shade diwan set comes in a monochrome and striped pattern. It is an eight piece diwan set which comes with one sheet, five cushion covers and two bolster covers. It gives a perfect aesthetic to your home decor with its modern and vintage amalgamated look. It is perfect to to place anywhere in the house as per your convenience and comfort. It is lightweight and super easy to move.

5. Rajasthanikart Traditional 6 Piece Diwan Set

Featuring a stunning multicoloured pattern, this diwan set showcases prints in yellow, blue, green, white and more, featuring a beautiful Rajasthani print. Who would say no to a traditional aesthetic in their house? Well, we assume that no one would. This Rajasthani diwan set comes with 6 pieces, which includes 1 single bed cover, 2 bolster covers and 3 cushion covers. It is made of 100% cotton material, which keeps it durable and soft. You can simply wash it in regular machine or hand wash in normal or lukewarm water.

6. Swayam Diwan-e-Khaas Cotton 6 Piece Diwan Set

Featuring a beautiful red stunning style, this diwan set comes with a 6 piece set which includes a bed cover, 3 cushion covers and 2 bolster covers. It also showcases a printed pattern over it, which is adding a vibrant vibe and a pop of colour to it. It is a budget friendly pick and is perfect to add some colour in your living room. It is super easy to maintain as you can simply wash it in the machine. A word of caution though, don't soak it, wash it in cold water and dry it in shade to make it usable for long term.

7. Castiqa Cotton Fabric Embroidery Patterns Loopi Design Diwan Set

This beautiful pastel shade diwan set comes with a beautiful bed sheet cover, five cushion covers and a two bolster covers, making it a perfect pick for your home. It features a pretty candy pink and white shade. The cushion covers in this set have triangular cutting on the edges that make them stylish and trendy. They are easy to maintain and clean as they can be simply washed in a washing machine or with hands. A word of caution though, do not use bleach on it as it will be damaged and lose the colour.

8. Maniqatex Polycotton Super Soft 5D Floral Blend Diwan- Set

Featuring stunning colourful triangle shaped patterns on it, this grey shade diwan set is an eight-piece set which includes five cushion covers that measure 38cm x 38cm, bedsheet that measures 228cm x 150cm and two bolster covers that measure 40cm x 80cm. This stunning set is made of high-quality imported fabric to give you utmost comfort. It gives a beautiful luxurious look and makes it look premium. Do ensure to wash it with a soft hand in cold water and avoid machine wash. Do not bleach and make sure to dry it in shade.

9. Jaat Hub Microfiber Super-Soft Diwan

Made of microfiber, this stunning diwan set features a zig-zag pattern in colourful shades on a white base, making it an attractive pick. It comes with 1 bedsheet that measures 60x90, 2 bolster covers that measures 16x32 and 5 cushion covers that measures 16x16. It is a set of eight pieces, which is perfect to add a stunning and stylish look to your home. It is trendy and subtle because of it design.

10. Festival Home Furnishings Polycotton Diwan Set

This beautiful diwan set comes with one 60X90 inch bedsheet, five 16x16 inch cushion covers and two 18x28 inch bolster covers. It features a stunning pattern in yellow, white and grey shade, making it an ideal combination for your home. It is made of cotton material which will give you utmost comfort and make it a durable pick and is made of super soft export quality fabric. It is easy to wash and use. Just a word of caution, do not bleach it else it will be ruined.

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