Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Up to 60% Off On Dual Electric Tandoors; Check These Out

Amazon Sale 2021: Get some of the best budget dual electric tandoors for a no-fuss tandoor (barbeque) session with friends and family

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Up to 60% Off On Dual Electric Tandoors; Check These Out

Amazon Sale, Electric Tandoor : Here are the 5 best deals on electric tandoors

As Indians, we love the smoky, grilled and slightly charred flavours of tandoori chicken, tandoori roti, kebabs and tikkas. There is nothing like biting into these dishes right as they come off the tandoor, smoking hot and oozing ghee and butter, the tandoor items are sure to win over anyone! However, not many of us have access to a home tandoor in today's modern life and we mainly depend on restaurants to fulfil all our tandoor cravings. But, what if we told you that you can enjoy fresh homemade tandoor dishes without spending a fortune or creating a big mess in your backyard, wouldn't you be excited? Well, we surely are! With the help of these dual electric tandoors, you can enjoy the authentic flavours right from the comfort of your own kitchen. These no-fuss appliances are a great addition to your kitchen collection, safe, easy and efficient, grab these electric tandoors today!

What's even better is that Amazon India is hosting a month-long sale and these 5 electric tandoors available for up to 60% off while the sale lasts. Take a look at them.

1HOTLIFE 2-in-1 Grill & Tandoor2,190
2HOTBERG Small 2-in-1 Electric tandoor2,248
3Wellberg Electric Tandoor Grill2,299
4KGF 2 IN 1 Electric Tandoor2,599
5Deoxys Raclette Electric Indoor Grill1,499

Amazon Great Indian Festival sale: 5 best Budget dual electric tandoors:

1. HOTLIFE 2-in-1 Grill & Tandoor:

The Hotlife 2-in-1 electric and charcoal grill is perfect for picnics, parties, family gatherings and more. From vegetables, fish, meats to burgers, you can prepare a list of mouth-watering dishes easily. Thanks to its detachable legs and portable case, this coal-based Barbeque grill can be easily carried and placed anywhere in the house. The product comes with a removable tray and skewers.


Price - 2,190

Ratings - 3.4/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

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2. HOTBERG Small 2-in-1 Electric tandoor:

This 2-in-1 tandoor grill cooks inside and on the top as well. It has a non-stick top plate that you can use for grilling or roasting. It is fitted with an extra safe heating element with shockproof material and does not require pre-heating. The product comes along with a specifically designed cleaning cloth, pizza cutter, hand gloves, 4 skewers and 4 shockproof rubber legs. The complete combo allows you to try various methods of cooking and recipes like paratha, naans, pizza, roasted chicken etc. from the comfort of your home.


Price - 2,248

Rating - 5/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

3. Wellberg Electric Tandoor Grill:

The complete product includes an electronic tandoor, a grill, a specific cleaning cloth, 4 rubber legs, 4 skewers, gloves, pizza cutter and a helpful recipe book. The tandoor is fitted with stainless steel heating elements which has a durable life, are corrosion-proof and can be used for hours without any issue. It is fitted with an extra safe heating element, is lightweight and has an elegant look to it. It can be used for grilling, roasting, toasting and many other tandoori items


Price - 2,299

Ratings - 3.5/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

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4. KGF 2 IN 1 Electric Tandoor:

The dual electric tandoor comes with an aluminium cooking tray and heat resistant bakelite handles. It is fitted with an extra safe heating element with shockproof material and does not require pre-heating which makes it durable. The combo comes with a grill, magic cloth, 4 skewers, gloves, pizza cutter, front tandoor handle, 2 side tandoor handle and 4 tandoor legs. You can use the product for tandoor, toasting, grilling, and cooking dosa, Tikki and rotis on the non-stick top plate.


Price - 2,599

Rating - 3.8/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

5. Deoxys Raclette Electric Indoor Grill:

The electric smokeless grill is safe, healthy and easy to use. The cooking grid is chrome-plated; and the heater pipe is stainless steel. This portable electric grill is small in size and easy to carry and use. The product comes with a drip pan to collect all the fat and drippings from the food items. It is easy to clean, convenient and ensures a no-fuss smoke-free grilling session that you're going to love. It has 6 levels of temperature control and is ideal to use for camping's, small gatherings, dinners at home for grilling different food items.


Price - 1,499

Ratings - 5/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

There you have it, 5 budget electric tandoors for a no fuss experience. Grab them soon, till the Amazon Great Indian Festival lasts.