Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021: Top 10 Juicers From Rs 1,000 To Rs 7,000

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021: With these juicers, blitz up juices, purees and everything simply and efficiently.

Amazon Great Indian Festival  2021:  Top 10 Juicers From Rs 1,000 To Rs 7,000

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021: The best juicers that you can buy

Smart kitchen appliances make the art of cooking easier and enjoyable. Balancing domestic and professional life is not a cakewalk for anyone. You are constantly expected to meet both the ends like a pro. Without the right appliances, multi-tasking is next to impossible. And juicers with their compact body and sleek designs do a lot of jobs. Plus, the fast extraction technique saves time. So, thanks to Amazon Great Freedom Festival, the offers let you experience the best of these appliances at great deals. Take a look at these juicers that will make all kitchen work a breeze.

The Best Juicers That You Must Buy From Amazon Great Indian Festival

1. Prestige PCJ Juicer

This updated and well-built juicer features a utilitarian stainless steel body that is durable and lasting owing to its rust-proof properties. It comes with anti-skid or vacuum feet that prevent it from toppling over when in use.

2. KWT Hand Juicer

This is a hand juicer that is compact-sized, easy to use and move around for picnics. This squeezer extracts more juice compared to hand-squeezing or using a reamer, and it catches most of the seeds.

3. Kuvings Juicer

You'll love this for yielding high amounts of juice. This juicer also has a built-in cleaning system that helps keep the filter screen clear to reduce potential clogs. It does not require cutting of the ingredients that greatly reduces preparation time.

4. Philips Press Juicer

This juicer from Philips enables maximum juice extraction within minutes without any hassle. This juicer has a good wide base compared to the other model juicers which move during juice extraction.

5. Nutribullet Juicer

This juicer from Nutribullet comes with an 800W motor. It is perfect for people who are looking to spend less time juicing and get a more refined and accurate taste of their favourite veggies and fruits. It also comes with a recipe guide, juice pitcher and a cleaning brush.

6. Kent Juicer

With different filters for different usage, this juicer from Kent is great for people who are looking for a perfect drink to have. It has a wide feeding tube to help you easily push through fruits and vegetables. It has a low-speed squeezing process that helps you retain the natural nutrients in your juices.

7. Agaro Imperial Juicer

Made from 100% BPA free plastic this juicer from Agaro can be used to extract juices, prepare smoothies and sorbets. It is a cold press juicer that gives you maximum juice extraction and nutrient retention. It also has a low noise motor.

8. Hurom Juicer

This juicer from Hurom comes with 2 different kinds of strainers, a fine and a coarse one. With 43 rotations per minute, this juicer can give out the best extraction from any kind of food. It also comes with 2 wings that help pull ingredients down to gently squeeze and press ingredients two times slower enriching natural flavour and nutrition.

9. Usha Juicer

This juicer from Usha does low temperature juicing with which keeps the natural taste of fruits intact. Great for hard foods and leavy veggies this juicer can operate at a very low noise making it friendly for your house environment. It also comes with a safety lock for your convenience.

10. Hestia Appliances Juicer

This juicer from Hestia comes with three strainers for your craving, one juice strainer, another smoothie strainer and a frozen fruit strainer. Its slow juicing process helps you make juices with almost non air bubbles and no oxidation. It is made with 100% BPA free plastic. With a large feeding tube, you can directly juice a whole apple without chopping it before.

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