5 Types Of Knives Needed In Every Kitchen Setup

If you have been thinking of stocking up on different knives, here is a list of 5 knives you definitely need in your kitchen setup.

5 Types Of Knives Needed In Every Kitchen Setup

Let's admit it, it is impossible to complete a kitchen setup without a knife set, from chopping to scaling to cleaning different ingredients to many more of its uses; having a fully functional knife set in your kitchen can be a boon on most days. However, it is also important to realize that with the growing variety of knife sets available in our hands, choosing the knife for the right purpose is as important as having a good knife to begin with. A bread knife has rugged edges that help it smoothly cut through soft or firm bread, but you will need a butter knife to scoop and spread butter on your toast, and other different types of knives for different uses. So, if you have been looking to stock up your kitchen with all the right knives for their right uses, here are 5 varieties that you need in kitchen setup for smooth functioning.

5 Types of Knives Needed In Every Kitchen Setup:

1. TOMATUS Butter Knife:

A butter knife ensures you can scoop and spread butter just the way you like without damaging parts of your bread or toast. The Tomatus Butter Knife is made of food-grade stainless steel with long-lasting, durable, and highly corrosion-resistant features. It is your unique assistant with three functions; you can use the small holes to curl tiny butter strands and the bigger hole at the tip to scoop bigger strands of cold butter. Or you can use the serrated edge to slice your bread or butter and smear the jam.

2. Solimo Stainless Steel Bread Knife:

A bread knife has uneven sharp edges which make it the ideal knife for cutting into either soft or rigid types of loaves of bread. Unlike regular knives, bread knives are made to give you a clean finishing with every slice. The Solimo bread knife is made of high-quality, premium 100% food-grade stainless steel, which prevents rusting. It is ideal for cutting through bread, cake, etc. It comes with a comfortable grip and a triple-riveted handle.

3. Silver Shark Stainless Steel Chopper

A meat knife has to have extremely sharp edges and should be sturdy and firm enough to cut through the thick and sometimes bony meat pieces. The silver shark knives are made with a stainless-steel finish and come in a set of 3. The firm and sturdy knives are perfect for cutting thick meat pieces amongst others ingredients.

4. ATARC Table Knife Vegetable Chopping:

Slim and sharp, vegetable knives need to be handy for their everyday use. These Atarc Table Knives are made of high-quality stainless steel. They have a professional lightweight design that helps use them every day. It also has soft handles for a comfortable and secure grip.

5. La Forte Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set:

Most of the time, chopping and cutting are reserved for bigger items like fruits and vegetables, but when you are dealing with smaller ingredients like nuts, herbs, ginger, garlic, or chilies, you need compact knives that can do that job swiftly. This La forte knife set is precision-forged from a single blank of high carbon stainless steel making it sharp and precise. It is sturdy, with a comfortable handle with an ergonomic design for comfortable cutting. It is ultra-sharp and the curved edge is perfect for easy slicing, mincing & dicing.

There you have it, get these 5 types of knives for better functioning in a kitchen.