5 Premium Chopping Boards Under INR 499

Have you been thinking of getting a chopping board for your kitchen? Let us help you out by listing some of the best and most reasonable options.

5 Premium Chopping Boards Under INR 499

Let's admit it, from the easiest breakfast to the most lavish dinner, if there is one thing that remains constant about the process of cooking, it has to be chopping, cutting and slicing the ingredients. No matter what recipe or cuisine you follow, you can't a find a way around these steps, no matter how much you like or dislike the process. It goes without saying that using a chopping board doesn't only enhance the chopping experience for all, but also makes it much easier and faster to prepare beautifully shaped ingredients, even for the home chefs and amateur cooks. And if you have been thinking of getting chopping board for your kitchen, let us help you out by listing some of the best and most reasonable options that you can immediately get for yourself. Go through the list and chose the best one for your kitchen.

5 Premium Chopping Boards Under INR 499

1. Bulfyss Large Natural Bamboo Chopping Board:

The Bulfyss bamboo cutting board is made from high quality, top-grade, eco-friendly bamboo tree wood; it is BPA-free & doesn't contain any chemicals or toxic elements. These heavy-duty, wooden cutting boards are better for your knives and cutlery and are also more durable than other kind of wood boards. It is ideal for chopping, slicing, dicing, cutting & serving food.

2. RYLAN Bamboo Wood Cutting Board:

The Rylan bamboo cutting board is a thick and durable cutting board that can withstand heavy blows, chopping and soaking; it would not warp or split. It is toxic and chemical free and made of food grad material. It is thick but lightweight, will keep your knives sharp and in good shape and comes with a study stainless steel handle to hold and hang. Clean with mild soap and water; dry thoroughly. Do not submerge in water to extend life of the boards.

3. Amazon - Solimo Cutting/Chopping Board:

The Solimo chopping board is made of heavy grade plastic that will help you to withstand the heavy wear and tear during daily use in the kitchen. The rugged texture on the front side grants an excellent grip for slicing fruits and vegetables, thus leading to minimal pressure application on your wrist while cutting. It is safe and long-lasting for everyday usage as it is made from high-quality, food-grade Polypropylene plastic.

4. AB SALES Chopping Board:

The AB sales bamboo cutting board is made of sturdy bamboo wood that is also designed to be lightweight and provide you with a comfortable time while cooking.

The chopping board is made of natural bamboo wood with moderate hardness to protect your knife sharpness, and you can use it without worrying about your knife's sharpness and durability. The board is also durable enough and resistant to knife cuts. The kitchen chopping board comes with an aluminum handle that is easy to clean and makes it easy to hold the cutting board.

5. Solimo Plastic Chopping Board

The chopping board is made from food grade Polypropylene plastic which is also BPA free. It has a unique and useful design that combines a chopping board and strainer into one that allows the cut veggies to be washed directly from the board, while also helping drain excess water. It is ideal for cutting all kinds of fruits and vegetables and comes with a provision to hang on utensil racks that allows space saving

There you have it, affordable and premium chopping boards than can easily enhance you chopping skills to the next level.