5 Cleansing Oils That You Wound Want To Bookmark For Post-Holi Skincare

Bookmark these cleansing oils for your beauty shelf ASAP

5 Cleansing Oils That You Wound Want To Bookmark For Post-Holi Skincare

Oil always had a different reputation in the skincare industry but did you know they can be a game changer too? Who doesn't want squeaky clean skin and if you are looking to get that, double cleansing could be a way. Cut to the chase, cleansing oils are a perfect choice to start off with and cleanse your skin without any hassle to get extra clean skin. They do not strip off the skin nor make it too greasy and these will definitely make it to your beauty kit.

We Have Handpicked The Best Cleansing Oils For You

1. Biore Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil helps in dissolving and removing waterproof makeup. It leaves no stickiness and maintains skin's natural moisture balance. It leaves your skin absolutely clear and clean without making it greasy at all.

2. Prolixr's Jeju Volcanic Oil Cleanser

This oil cleanser from Prolixr melts down makeup and stops it from clogging the pores. It gives the skin a deep cleanse. This Jeju Volcanic Oil Cleanser deeply cleanses the skin and unclogs the pores. It makes the skin clear, refreshed and supple while detoxifying it.

3. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil is a refreshing, brightening cleansing oil that is enriched with rice bran and jojoba oil. It dissolves and eliminates makeup, dirt and impurities and makes your skin feel softer and smoother.

4. Caudalie Vinoclean Makeup Removing Cleansing OilInfused with the goodness of castor and almond oils, this cleansing oil perfectly cleanses your skin and tends to suit all skin types. It retains natural moisture of the skin without making it dry at all.