5 Chimney Options To Keep Your Kitchen Fresh And Non-Greasy

If greasy walls and a hot and humid kitchen is your problem, we have got just the solution for that. Read to find some of the best chimneys for your kitchen.

5 Chimney Options To Keep Your Kitchen Fresh And Non-Greasy

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The kitchen is a hot and greasy place, and it can get much worse if there is no proper ventilation in the room, which is the case in most of the houses. Unlike our ancestors who had well-ventilated kitchens with natural lights, the city life doesn't allow us the luxury of such spaces and we have to make do with our man-made ventilation systems like a chimney. A chimney is a must-have in almost all kitchens, it keeps the kitchen much cooler, protects your walls and ceilings, and makes it less greasy. So, if you are planning to buy a new chimney or want to replace an old one, you have come to the right place. Because here is a list of some of the best chimneys that you can get for your kitchen.

5 Chimneys for a non-greasy and clean kitchen

1. Faber Autoclean Chimney :

This chimney is made of black curved glass and stainless-steel insides. It has heat auto clean technology with an oil collector and a touch control panel.

2. Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney :

The filter-less technology ensures powerful suction capacity, meaning it will draw in the unhealthy smoke and oily fumes more efficiently and keeps your kitchen smoke-free. It comes with motion-sensing technology.

3. Hindware Auto-Clean Chimney :

Made with curved glass and a metallic filter, the chimney also has a push-button control. The product has thermal auto clean and is easy to install and operate.

4. Inalsa Kitchen Chimney :

The chimney is made with toughened glass and is black powder-coated for an elegant look. The product has thermal auto clean and both touch control and motion sensor.

5. Maplin Kitchen Chimney :

The chimney will auto clean itself with just the press of a button, and it also comes with motion sensor technology. Its unique design and elegant look will add beauty to your kitchen.