5 Best Spice Jar Combo's For A Modern Indian Kitchen

If you are looking for an efficient way to store your favorite spices, here are some of the best deals on spice jar combos available on the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

5 Best Spice Jar Combo's For A Modern Indian Kitchen

Here are some of the best offers on spice jars

Spices are the backbone of Indian cuisine and we cannot imagine a dish without the essential list of masalas, right? One of those sole things that separate Indian cooking from the rest of the world is our extensive usage of spices even in a simple three-course meal. Given the variety and accessibility, almost every Indian kitchen is crowded with different spice boxes and pouches. Although they are necessary, these small pouches are also known for cluttering the kitchen and taking up unwanted space in our kitchen countertops. This is where a spice jar comes to your rescue. The essential spice jars not only help you unclutter and give a more clean look to the kitchen but also increase the shelf life of your favourite masalas in comparison to the flimsy packets that we usually store them in. If you have been thinking of updating your spice box collection or are looking for an efficient way to store your favourite spices, here are some of the best deals on spice jar combos that could help you decide.

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S. No.Product NamePrice
1Amazon Brand - Solimo Spice JarRs. 229
2STAR WORK Clear Glass Spice JarRs. 569
3WHISKET Glass Spice Jars SquareRs. 529
4Ganesh Kitchen Spice RacksRs. 619
5Milton Vitro Pet Storage JarRs. 599

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: 5 Premium Quality Spice Jar Combos:

1. Amazon Brand - Solimo Spice Jar:

The Amazon Brands Spice jar set comes with 8 airtight jars for multipurpose use. Made with high-quality food-grade Polypropylene plastic and is safe to store everyday items. It has a transparent body that makes it easier to store spices in view. It also has a ribbed checkered design on the walls for easy grip. The jars can also be used to store miscellaneous items like stationery products but the 200 ml capacity makes it perfect o hold different Indian spices like masalas, whole spices in just the right amount.


Price - 229

Rating - 4.1/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

Capacity - 200ml

2. STAR WORK Clear Glass Spice Jar:

The product comes as a set of 12 spice jars that are made of lead-free glass. It has BPA free lids that are airtight. It has an exclusive sift and pour shaker lids that you can use to easily sprinkle dried spices on food items; they also have matching metal airtight caps which mean your herbs stay fresher longer. They have a stylish design and are made of thick platted glass that makes them extremely durable. These are ideal for spices, salts, powders, and any siftable products for kitchen or personal care use.


Price - 569

Rating - 4.2/5(Based on Amazon)

Colour - Clear

Capacity - 120 ml

3. WHISKET Glass Spice Jars Square:

The whisket glass jar comb comes with 12 glass jars that are airtight, made of food-grade material and look great on your kitchen shelves. These spice jars come with double flip lids which have shake and pour options to easily use different kinds of spices. These jars will also have small black labels stuck on them to write the names of the spices which make them extremely easy and convenient to use. The square shape of the jars also ensures that these fit better in our kitchen drawers and don't take up unwanted space.


Price - 529

Rating - 3.9/5(Based on Amazon)

Colour - Clear

Capacity - 120 ml

4. Ganesh Kitchen Spice Racks:

An extremely accessible and easy way to store spices, this rotating spice rack is a must-have in your kitchen. The product comes with 16 pieces of storage jars on a revolving stand. For easy access to all your spices, the spice rack comes with a revolving stand. The containers are transparent so that they can be picked easily. The multiple hole selection helps you use the precise quantity of spice required in different food items leading to less wastage. The rack comes with a wood finish for a sleek and elegant look. It is durable and adds flavour to your kitchen decor.


Price - 619

Rating - 4/5(Based on Amazon)

Colour - Maroon

5. Milton Vitro Pet Storage Jar:

The Milton storage jar sets come with 18 jars of different sizes. You can use the set to store anything from powdered to whole spices. It is made of quality food-grade material with a transparent-glassy finish body which makes the contents inside visible and easy to use. These jars are leak-proof and airtight, BPA Free and are also safe to store in the refrigerator making it one of the handy products you could get.


Price - 599

Rating - 4.4/5(Based on Amazon)

Colour - Blue

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