Amazon Sale 2021, 5 Best Non-Stick Cookware Sets Under INR 2000

Amazon Sale 2021, Non-Stick Cookware: These 5 best non-stick cookware sets come with staggering discounts and each one of them is available at under INR 2000

Amazon Sale 2021, 5 Best Non-Stick Cookware Sets Under INR 2000

Here are the best non-stick cookware sets under a budget

Cooking is all fun until you are stuck in the kitchen cleaning those greasy pots and pans long after you are done eating. It's no secret that Indian dishes don't hold back on the oil and masala quotient and that evidently shows in the residues left in our cookware. This is one of the main reasons that many people have now shifted to non-stick cookware which is much easier to use and clean. It has the added benefit of requiring less amount of oil and being dishwasher safe compared to other traditional cookwares, and that is what makes it one of the premium choices in today's hectic world. If you have been thinking of adding non-stick cookware to your kitchen collection, you've come just to the right place. Here are 5 of the best non-stick cookware sets available on the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. These sets come with staggering discounts and each one of them is available at under INR 2000 until the sale lasts. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your clean-up experience to a much quick and easy one with these non-stick cookware sets.

S. No.Product NamePrice
1Pigeon Aluminium Non-stick Cookware SetRs. 995
2Prestige Non-Stick Kitchen SetRs. 1,349
3Solimo 3-Piece Aluminium Non-Stick CookwareRs. 999
4Bajaj Induction-Base Non-Stick CookwareRs. 1,199
5Cello Non-Stick Cookware SetRs. 949

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: 5 Non-stick Cookware Under 2000:

1. Pigeon Aluminum Non-stick Cookware Set:

The Pigeon non-stick set is made of aluminum and is developed using the latest German technology that ensures high durability and smoothness to the products to provide a joyful and healthy cooking experience. The products have an advanced 5-layer non-stick pure coat technology which increases the smoothness on the inner surface manifolds; that allows cooking with minimal use of oil. The bakelite handles provide an ergonomic grip and keep the handles from getting warm and the spiral base ensure even heating. The product is PFOA certified and maintains high standards in quality & safety for your health.


Price - 995

Ratings - 3.7/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Pink

Includes - 1 Non-stick Kadai, 1 Non-stick Fry Pan and 1 Non-stick Flat Tawa

2. Prestige Non-Stick Kitchen Set:

Made of fine quality aluminum, the Omni Tawa from the house of Prestige ensures uniform heating and non-stick cooking experience. The set uses the revolutionary coating from Teflon that ensures no residue collection which makes the cookware healthy and long-lasting. Made from high-quality aluminum, this cookware set is scratch, abrasion and stain resistant with durable and sturdy body. The set has a metal spoon-friendly feature along with bakelite riveted handles with grip spots that give you a firm hold on the cookware while cooking.


Price - 1,349

Rating - 4.1/5(Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

Includes - Fry Pan, Omni Tawa, Flat Based Kadai

3. Solimo 3-Piece Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware:

The Solimo Cookware set is made using virgin aluminum for even heat distribution. It is equipped with 3 layers of food grade non-stick coating which makes the cookware set safe for daily use. This durable and long-lasting cooking surface prevents stickiness and mess and promotes healthy cooking through minimal oil use. The cookware set is designed for modern Indian kitchens and is compatible with both gas stoves and induction cooktops. The set has a premium metallic finish with High Temperature Resistance (HTR) and a sleek shiny appeal along with riveted, cool-touch bakelite handles that offer a safe and comfortable ergonomic grip. It protects your hands from heat transfer while cooking.


Price - 999

Rating - 3.9/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Maroon

Includes - Non-stick fry pan, Kadhai with glass lid and tawa

4. Bajaj Induction-Base Non-Stick Cookware:

The Bajaj non-stick set is both induction and gas compatible, it is made with a superior 5-layer roller metal spoon friendly non-stick coating which ensures less use for oil and even heating for faster cooking. The cookware set has a PFOA free non-stick coating which is safe for everyday usage. Food prepared in this cookware series doesn't stick to the surface and the cookware can be effortlessly washed.


Price - 1,199

Rating - 3.8/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

Includes - Non-stick Fry Pan, Kadhai and Tawa

5. Cello Non-Stick Cookware Set:

The cello non-stick cookware set is made of aluminum and comes with a stainless-steel lid. Made of American heritage original dupont coating, the cookware set is built to last. Its high gauge aluminum adds to its cooking efficiency. What's more, its stunning looks and striking color will definitely add charm to your kitchen collection. The striking finish and elegant design are sure to enhance the look of your kitchen. The handle is made from heat-resistant material that enables ease and convenience while cooking and carrying the cookware.


Price - 949

Rating - 3.7/5(Based on Amazon)

Colour - Cherry

Includes - 1 Fry Pan, 1 Kadhai with Lid and 1 Dosa Tawa

Grab these non-stick cookware combos at slashed prices until the sale lasts.