5 Adorable Coffee/Tea Mugs To Ward Off The Winter Gloom

It is time to brighten up your winter collection. Get these quirky and attractive mugs to ward off the gloomy winter mornings!

5 Adorable Coffee/Tea Mugs To Ward Off The Winter Gloom

The drop in the temperature is giving us the much-awaited respite from the summer months in the country. And while everyone is enjoying the frosty weather, we tea/coffee lovers are more than happy. Why do you ask? Well, because the colder the mornings, the better the hot cup feels in our palms and our palates. The only savior in these gloomy winter days and nights are hot beverages like soup and teas. So, if you have been enjoying your winter coffee/tea in the plain old mugs, it is time to brighten up your winter collection. Here are 5 quirky and attractive coffee/ tea mugs that will help you fight off the winter gloom, one cup of coffee at a time!

Here Are 5 Attractive Mugs To Fight Off The Winter Gloom

1. SATYAM KRAFT Ceramic Printed Mug:

It is true that the chill in the weather makes us lazy; all we want to do is snuggle up in a blanket and sip our favorite beverage, right? Well, if you relate to this feeling, this lazy panda mug is just the statement piece you need to be getting yourself this winter. Made with 100% safe ceramic material, the product comes with a steel spoon for stirring and an adorable lid to protect and keep your drink warm for longer. The sleeping panda on the lid is all of us on those lazy winter mornings, isn't it?

2. Chiraiyaa Ceramic Coffee Servers:

An adorable coffee mug that is perfect to brighten your mornings. The print is just right to match our mood from steaming hot in summer to chilled out in the winters. The product is made of ceramic which is safe to use every day, it is also microwave safe and should be lightly washed with mild soap to maintain its shine and colors for a long time.

3. Sawardawalas Starbucks Mug:

Are you a fan of Starbucks coffee? Well, there is nothing that screams 'I love Starbucks' as much as this mug does! The product is especially the best option to gift friends or family who are equally crazy about the coffeehouse chain. Made with strong and durable ceramic material, the mug won't chip or scratch easily. It is microwave and dishwasher safe.

4. SATYAM KRAFT Ceramic Snowman mug:

Although India doesn't witness snowfall in the majority of states, thanks to our pop culture dependence and knowledge from international shows and movies that we automatically think of cozy winter days as soon as we see a snowman. This snowman mug is an adorable piece you can get for yourself or others if you want to feel that cozy winter vibe every time you have a hot beverage. The product also comes with a lid to protect ad keep your beverage warm for longer.

5. NGEL Ceramic Mug with Wooden Handle:

A simple coffee mug with a unique wooden handle, this product is sure to be an attractive addition to your winter collection. A wooden handle and lid give it an elegant look and the simple and bright design will make it an eye-catching product on your dining table. It is made of premium ceramic material and is durable and strong, it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

There you have it, get these bright and beautiful coffee/tea mugs to liven up your gloomy winter mornings!