Army jawans allegedly thrash traffic cops in Pune, ransack police station


In an ugly streetbattle, a group of Army officers in Pune allegedly clashed with the policefollowing an altercation over a traffic violation, sparking tension on Tuesdayevening.

According to the police, the trouble started when an officer attached to theCollege of Military Engineering (CME), riding a motorbike, was stopped by atraffic constable at Sambhaji Bridge for driving into a no-entry area.

The officer, and another who was riding pillion on the motorbike, reportedlyhad a heated argument with the traffic police. This was followed by a streetbrawl and the officers allegedly thrashed the constables.

After a police team arrived to control the situation, about 30 to 40 more armyofficers reached the spot. They reportedly barged into the nearby police postand allegedly thrashed policemen after ransacking the building.

The officers, who were in civil clothes, also allegedly broke the cameras ofmediapersons and roughed up photographers and camerapersons. According toreports, some civilians who tried to intervene were also beaten up during theclash.

The situation was brought under control after discussions between seniorofficers from the Army and the police and an assurance that the officersinvolved would appear at the police station later. The officers appeared at thepolice station shortly before noon today. The CME has ordered a court ofinquiry headed by a Colonel.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Jadhav said the CME officers had abusedand assaulted police constables.

The Army has, however, come out with a different version ofwhat had happened. According to sources, the two officers entered the bridge,which was not meant for two-wheelers, by mistake. They were stopped by aconstable and asked to pay a fine.

Another constable reached the spot in the meantime. Thisconstable allegedly threatened to avenge an earlier incident where he washarassed in an area controlled by the Army for not wearing a helmet. Theconstable got into a confrontation with the officers after which they weretaken to the police station, the sources said.

Following the incident, the General Officer Commanding of the Army'sSouthern Command, Lt General AK Singh, issued a statement saying, "TheArmy cannot tolerate indiscipline. Action will be initiated against those foundguilty."

(With PTI Inputs)