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Trimtone Review 2023 | Benefits, Results, Side Effects and Customer Reviews

Trimtone pill is a weight loss pill only for women used as a nutritional supplement, not replacing any meal, but simply complementing your daily meals with the appropriate and beneficial nutrients to promote in the end the fat burning and weight loss you are aiming for

Trimtone Review 2023 | Benefits, Results, Side Effects and Customer Reviews

 This article refers to women's weight loss problem, by discussing the Trimtone fat burner, a weight loss product, in the form of a capsule for easy use.

Today - and assisted by simple questions – we will try to know this well-known product and reveal the true dimension of its effective action.

Is Trimtone as effective as claimed by the promotion ads?

Here is what we can learn about it.

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Trimtone – What it is – Target group

Broadly referred to Trimtone as "fat burner", we have to say Trimtone is not just that.

I would say this is a “three way weapon" against obesity and an important ally in your fight with extra kilos.

Below we reveal the details about this pill.

Trimtone pill is a weight loss pill only for women used as a nutritional supplement, not replacing any meal, but simply complementing your daily meals with the appropriate and beneficial nutrients to promote in the end the fat burning and weight loss you are aiming for.

Think you got that up to this point?

As a dietary supplement, then, undertake to strengthen your effort on losing weight.

However, in which way?

As mentioned Trimtone has become known as a "fat burner", nevertheless, in reality it is a useful weapon acting in three discreet ways as a:

-          fat burner

-          appetite suppressant

-          metabolism booster

This practically means that this pill combines a triple action. Therefore, instead of taking 3 different pills to enhance weight loss, you can take just this supplement.

It is a legal weight loss product, containing only natural ingredients of excellent quality along with an active formula based on scientific data and not on simple assumptions.

Its target group is women of all ages (adults), wishing to "correct" their body weight, their look and especially their health.

Produced in the United States, in modern facilities, while the product and its manufacturing company hold GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications.

A safe product, which can be used with no reservations on a daily basis and for long periods.

·         Non-addictive.

·         100% natural.

·         Contains valuable nutrients.

·         Does not contain any genetically modified foods (GMO's).

·         Contains no chemicals

·         Contains no artificial stimulants.

Note: A quite worrying factor is that no provision has been made to have the formula of such a popular supplement to be vegan friendly as well.

We hope in the future the company will provide such a version (as the number of women selecting the vegan lifestyle and diet is increasing, constituting a significant percentage of the population.

Trimtone – who should not use it

As mentioned, this is not a supplement compatible with vegetarian and vegan diet nevertheless; nobody could argue that this 100% supplement, containing no chemicals, is a waste of time.

Persons not allowed to use it include:

·         underage girls and teenagers

·         women with health problems

·         women taking medication (for any reason)

·         women with autoimmune diseases

·         women with psychological diseases

·         women who have had or are about to have surgery

·         women with food allergies

·         women with a serious health history

·         women with heredity / genetic predisposition to serious diseases

Somehow it sounds a little scary, but it is not so in reality.

In fact, even in the majority of the above cases, it would not cause anything.

However, in each of the above cases, doctors recommend special care. The consent of a physician before administration of Trimtone (as well as any dietary supplement or other pharmaceutical / para-pharmaceutical) is ideally recommended to avoid unpleasant body reactions, physical discomfort, psychological reactions, other side effects, physical discomfort, psychological changes, interaction with other substances and worsening / causing health problems.


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Trimtone - Active Ingredients and rates contained (RDD – Recommended Daily Dose) 

Trimtone contains ingredients of natural origin, safe and specially selected (based on valid scientific studies and clinical research).

In each daily dose of the supplement, these are the nutritional date received:

Caffeine Anhydrous 120 mg

● Green Coffee (Arabica Coffee) (bean) Extract 100 mg

● Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) (leaf) (standardized to 50% Polyphenols) 100 mg

● Glucomannan 90% (Amorphopallus Konjac) (root) Fiber 100 mg

● Grains of Paradise (Aframomum meleguata) (seed) (standardized to 12.5% ​​6-Paradol) 40 mg

Active Natural Ingredients – Reasons for selecting the specific active ingredients

(Action & Effective Ability)

Below we see each of the ingredients independently, examining the reasons for selecting them for this particular slimming pill.

Anhydrous Caffeine

With no doubt, caffeine is one of the most popular natural stimulants and one of the most broadly used ingredients in the field of dietary supplements with enhanced fat-dissolving action.

Upon achieving an increase in the internal temperature of the cells (thermogenesis), caffeine achieves "awakening" of metabolism and a dramatic increase in the burning of body fat (even in a static state / with no physical activity).

Acts as an energy booster as well, promoting physical endurance and strength, along with mental clarity of the user throughout the day.

Fights every feeling of physical or mental fatigue, boosts self-confidence and promotes a more active daily life (so you could introduce physical exercise into your life).

ATTENTION - Do not forget - Trimtone is a health nutritional supplement, meaning that aims at a permanent adjustment of body weight to the desired (healthy) levels and a significant change in the user's lifestyle, and not to a temporary only and meaningless weight loss.

Among other things, Trimtone supplement aims to prepare the user for a balanced lifestyle, ultimately enhancing your overall health.

This new lifestyle will include:

·         proper & balanced diet

·         regular physical activity

·         suitable and quality sleep

·         no stress

·         good psychology and mood for life

Therefore, including caffeine in its ingredients, Trimtone will give you a significant boost from the very first time you take the pill.

During the use of the supplement, you will see that it will also favor your metabolic process, while the figure in your scale reaches lower numbers continuously.

According to scientific studies, caffeine can help increase the metabolic process (and therefore fat loss) by about 4%, not at all negligible (especially for someone not following an exercise program and has no other way to "activate" the metabolism).

As a supplement, Trimtone has the use of a Pre-Workout booster, for women following exercise plan

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee is actually the known coffee, prior to undergoing any chemical treatment and the roasting process.

In this form, coffee is green in color and extremely rich in a chemical called chlorogenic acid.

According to a study published in the scientific journal "Pharmaceutical Research" by the "University Of Georgia College Of Pharmacy", the active ingredient in Green Coffee (Chlorogenic Acid) helps in:

·         preventing weight gain

·         accumulation of fat intra-viscerally (mainly in the liver)

·         insulin resistance

·         controlling blood sugar levels

·         controlling and suppressing appetite levels

·         managing cravings for fatty, sweet or savory unhealthy snacks

While we find this substance in other foods of our daily life (such as tomatoes, apples and berries), green coffee contains a much larger quantity (more beneficial for the weight loss process).

Another reason that chlorogenic acid is a key component of the Trimtone supplement is the very strong antioxidant protection provided to the organism.

The removal of harmful toxins is a basic condition for weight loss, but mainly for maintaining a healthy body, helping in reducing inflammation, fighting obesity and promoting a good psychology.

Regular consumption of green coffee (as a dietary supplement) has proved to primarily enhance the user's psychology and commitment to goal, in addition to greatly promoting weight loss.

Findings from systematic studies show that green coffee is an important "tool" in the fight against serious diseases (such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease).

Lipid metabolism is significantly improved and body weight becomes regulated in the healthiest & safest way (time required).

Green Tea

Green Tea, another superfood, known all over the world, found in many nutritional supplements and important as a health and weight loss booster.

Promotes the removal of toxins (extensively), enhances the organic health and immunity, improves mood and promotes healthy weight loss (of body fat and not muscle tissue).

It is important to note that green tea (according to research recently published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry) promotes good heart health by preventing the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, achieving this with a specific chemical element contained, and called epigallocatechin.

Besides, it provides antibacterial activity, anti-cancer protection (especially against breast cancer, as published in research in the journal "Experimental Cell Research" and also lung cancer), breaks down body fat and accelerates its burning, reduces abdominal fat by up to 77% (according to research by Tufts University), prevents skin "destruction" and development of aging signs and wrinkles, while finally promotes the maintenance of stable energy by effectively balancing blood sugar levels.


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This is a polysaccharide, a valuable water-soluble fiber coming from the root of the Konjac plant or Elephant Yam.

Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, while in recent years it has been actively involved in the dietary supplement industry and specifically in weight loss nutritional supplements.

The reason is simple. Its many healthy fiber fibers show a peculiarity. As soon as you contact a liquid element, multiply their volume. So, consuming them together with water, increases the volume they occupy in the stomach, preventing the user with a strong feeling of satiety from consuming extra (and unnecessary) calories.

Approved by the FDA since 1994, found in the market in various forms and products. In addition to being an ingredient in dietary supplements, glucomannan is now present in foods (such as tofu, noodles, flour, jellies, pastries, and pasta), aiming at controlling appetite and losing weight.

Glucomannan is also an important ingredient in the Trimtone supplement, as it helps the good gastrointestinal and digestive process, reduces constipation (officially used as a treatment for constipation), prevents indigestion, lowers blood cholesterol levels, controls blood sugar levels in the blood, lowers triglyceride levels and prevents the development of diabetes or obesity in adults and children.

However, its use by minors (children or adolescents) should preferably have the guidance and control of a doctor.

With glucomannan you will feel fullness and pleasure for many hours. In this way - and significantly delaying the emptying of the stomach, glucomannan enhances the achievement of a healthy diet and prevents unnecessary snacking leading to charge the body with kilos and the overall health. 

Grains of Paradise

The seeds of paradise (Grains of Paradise) are a very fragrant spice, looking like pink pepper beans, with their origin from West Africa.

With a complex taste reminiscent of many spices together (cardamom, ginger, thyme, juniper, nutmeg, coriander, pepper and citrus), this spice comes from the plant Aframomum melegueta, belonging to the same family as ginger.

The woody, but at the same time peppery taste of this spice offers at the end a woody but also botanical, warm and graceful note on the palate.

Broadly used as a medicine, mainly against gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhea, cardiovascular diseases and obesity (since - based on scientific data - promotes the fat burning in the organism, fighting inflammation as well).

Many people tend to confuse the seeds of paradise with Capsicum, though these are two completely different elements (both with strong fat burning ability).

Trimtone - how it works

Trimtone, with all natural ingredients mentioned above, manages to boost available energy, the metabolic rate, increase the fat burning (throughout the day and night) and finally suppress appetite, enabling the user to remain "faithful" to a healthy eating plan.

Caution - We are not necessarily talking about an exhausting diet and endless deprivations. No. This is not necessary and healthy.

We are talking about a well-structured diet plan, with proper (quantitative and qualitative) food intake, rich in vitamins and nutrients, strengthening the organism.

In addition, a proper diet plan implies a proper distribution of meals throughout the day. Proper nutrition is neither to eat (in fact unhealthy snacks) every 1 hour, nor to leave your stomach fasting from morning to night. Both of these methods slow down the metabolic function, destroy the normal functioning of the organism and lead mathematically to health problems.

The ingredients found in Trimtone are natural and healthy that (under normal conditions) you could get from your diet.

However, because in reality, everyday life often does not allow, due to lack of time, to deal so thoroughly with your diet and snacks during working hours, a quality nutritional supplement can offer you all these nutrients included in one pill only (easily and tirelessly).

Trimtone has selected beneficial nutrients to cause - through thermogenesis - intense fat loss in your body and enhanced metabolic function (even when you are not exercising).

In addition, with strong natural appetite suppressants, it will control your diet and help you effectively stay on a healthy eating plan (without feeling overwhelmed).

Finally, an important “plus”is the elevation of energy.

With Trimtone you will feel like "charging your batteries", functioning more efficiently, physically and mentally, while you will obviously have a better mood and higher energy reserves (from morning to night).

Reason for selecting Trimtone

This supplement - in addition to a combination of "anti-fat strategies" offered – attracted my attention for its ease of use.

Most similar pills ask you to take 2, 3 or even 6 pills every day.

 Trimtone makes it easy for you: Just 1 pill a day is sufficient to do all the work.

One pill in the morning and you start your day with no worries and stress.

You do not need to interrupt your work at noon to take the pill, or discontinue your activities while you are out in general; feel free for the day.

You take the 1 pill required in the morning when you wake up and you are ready for an active and demanding day.

Trimtone - Contains caffeine? Are there any side effects?

Yes. Trimtone contains caffeine.

The amount of 120 mg per daily dose, however, is extremely small, to cause nervousness

(corresponds approximately to caffeine of a cup of coffee only).

Furthermore, due to the administration of the pill in the morning rather than at night, it is almost unlikely that anyone will experience sleep disorders from the small amount of caffeine contained.

This amount can "wake up" the organism, mobilize it and start its day dynamically.

The organism starts burning fat and you are not in a condition of lethargy or loss of strength, instead you feel full of energy and vitality.

However, if you may feel discomfort, you cannot drink coffee in the morning (or other stimulant drink) and complete your breakfast with a juice, a glass of milk or a smoothie.

Can I also use Trimtone as a Pre-Workout supplement?

Certainly, being in fact an appropriate and exemplary use for maximum physical benefits.

Trimtone, due to the high fat loss caused and the energy promoted, works perfectly as a workout booster as well.

The calorific effect of the supplement enhances the metabolic function of the organism further, maximizing the fat burning  taking place from your workouts.

It is strongly recommended, for having the maximum benefits, to take the pill in the morning, shortly before your breakfast meal (about 30 minutes) on an empty stomach.

In this way, its active ingredients are better absorbed and act more effectively in the body.

In addition, exactly for the reason that the supplement's administration takes place in the morning, it would be ideal to have your workout performed in the morning as well (to achieve maximum energy boost from caffeine).

Are there any results and after how long?


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Certainly, you will see physical, psychological, spiritual and energy results.

Some of the benefits are immediately visible, while others require more time.

Since the very first day of use, you feel your energy increased, your mood stimulated, your physical endurance boosted, while your mental clarity and concentration reached a higher level.

The physical benefits come later. To have significant physical benefits and a change in your body weight, regular (daily) use is necessary for a minimum of 2 months.

However, the time for having results is relative, depending on not only the duration the supplement was used and the lifestyle followed.

Do you follow an exercise program?

Do you apply a nutrition plan?

Do you have a quality sleep?

Therefore, to have higher and faster results you should learn to follow a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise, enjoy a quality rest (sleep) and avoid stress.

However, as scientific tests prove, following a proper program, certainly with the help of the Trimtone supplement, you will start to see a significant improvement after 6 to 8 weeks.

Your brain is gradually adapting to the new nutritional reality, a fact that in the end will help you to be ready for a healthier diet, allowing you a stable weight loss permanently.

Everything mentioned above mean that I have permanent results?

As mentioned earlier, this depends on you, on the effort made and surely, on the degree you wish to have “permanent” results.

This means, it is necessary to try to enter a healthier, more careful and more integrated nutritional program, to provide you with the necessary nutrients and prevent unnecessary overeating and consumption of unhealthy foods.

Nevertheless, this cannot happen overnight. It takes time for your body to learn a new diet and your brain to adapt to the new reality imposed.

Trimtone helps you during this transitional period to effectively control your eating habits and prevent overeating episodes.

Furthermore, incorporating exercise into your life, in addition to all other benefits offered to your health, boosts your metabolic function dramatically, to prevent you from gaining weight again in the future.

What should I do if I gain weight again?

You will never need to reach the previous weight condition again (as at the start of the process).

Trimtone, in addition to helping you lose weight, may assist you (even after reaching the desired weight) to maintain the weight achieved on a permanent basis.

Therefore, you may continue to use the supplement even after achieving your goal, especially if you feel that you are still prone to dietary "temptations".

Another option is to discontinue the administration of the supplement, as soon as you reach the goal preset, and each time you feel "vulnerable" to perform a new cycle of treatment.

I have to admit that I followed the latter version. At times and when - either due to hormonal changes or due to intense stress - I see that I turn again for satisfaction to junk food, overeating episodes or consumption of many junk foods and sweets) I start a 2-month to 3-month cycle again with Trimtone.

In this way, I manage to avoid the complete loss of my diet control, regaining discipline / good mood / optimism.

Besides, I control my appetite and re-adjust my diet.


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Trimtone - Purchase

Trimtone supplement is available via its official website only.

We recommend not trusting other sellers, as the product received may not be the genuine one.

Only the company can guarantee you a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

In fact, the guarantee provided to you is 100 entire days so that you have the time to "test" the product for a full 3-month treatment.

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