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Version 1.0 with Live video, Playlists and Video recommendations

Video On Your Desktop

Forget your browser. Forget browser compatibility. Forget browser versions.

With NDTV Play, you can play video right from your desktop — without opening a new browser window. For Mac & Windows.

Get the latest and biggest news and much more from India's most respected and largest private television network.

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    NDTV Play

  • Track the news as it updates throughout the day. Watch the latest videos and be the first to share it with your friends & more

  • Watch NDTV’s five channels live on your desktop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Find and watch your favourite videos on your desktop

  • You can use the desktop client to search for videos or browse through media by category

  • Create playlists that you can view, edit, delete without an Internet connection

  • Share your playlist with your friends and the world over the Internet

  • See which videos are most trending, being viewed right now and watch them instantly or add them to your playlist