Top 10 Unique Holiday Traditions Around The World

Each holiday, each festival brings with it its own unique traditions

Each holiday, each festival brings with it its own unique traditions. While Christmas is often symbolised with an exchange of gifts and Santa Claus, Diwali is a time for lighting lamps. But not all festivals are celebrated alike all over the world. For example, did you know that in Austria, children who have been "naughty" don't get a lump of coal for Christmas. Instead, they are told they will get a visit from Krampus, a beast-like creature who shows up to punish misbehaving children.

Each country, each region has its own unique holidays and holiday traditions. A video by Insh takes a look at some of these unique holiday traditions around the world - ranging from Spain's famous La Tomatina to Thailand's 'feast for monkeys' or the Lopburi Monkey Buffet.

This interesting list includes some holidays you may never have heard of. In Mexico, for example, the Night of the Radishes is observed by carving radishes and other vegetables into displays that depict the Nativity scene and other events from Mexican folklore. Hogmanay or New Year in Scotland, meanwhile, is celebrated by swinging balls of fire over one's head all night long!

Curious to see which Indian holiday made it to this list? Watch the video above to find out!

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