Prankster Sets Up Date On Train. His Co-Passenger Had The Best Reaction

Elvin Mensah's "Dates on a Train" series has received praise as well as criticism

Prankster Sets Up Date On Train. His Co-Passenger Had The Best Reaction

A viral video shows Elvin Mensah setting up a table on a moving train.

A London prankster has shot to viral Internet fame by setting up a date on a moving train, leaving his co-passengers completely bemused. But even as Elvin Mensah has garnered praise for his prank, it was his co-passenger's reaction - the one he set the date up for - that drew the loudest cheers.

In the video, Elvin Mensah is seen setting up a table inside a moving train, complete with a red rose in a vase. He serves food and places two bottles of beverages on the table, as the woman sitting next to him watches on in amusement.

How does she react when the table is all set up? Watch the video to find out:

Since being shared on Twitter on Sunday, the video has gone viral with over 3 million views. Take a look at some of the reactions it has garnered:

The video is part of a 'Dates on a Train' series that Elvin Mensah, an actor and entertainer, has been sharing for quite some time now. However, his stunts have earned him criticism as well, with some calling it harassment and rebuking him for approaching women.

He has defended his pranks, telling the Metro: "Hundreds of thousands of women and several media pages on the internet didn't see it as harassment. They got the joke.

"The passengers on the train and the lady who was my "date" were evidently amused by the prank so that's saying something."

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