"Need Loan To Buy A Train": This Old Prank Call Is Going Viral Again

"Train khareedni thi, ma'am," a man can be heard telling a bank's customer care executive in the video.

'Need Loan To Buy A Train': This Old Prank Call Is Going Viral Again

A prank call about a loan to buy a train has left many amused (Representative Image)

The audio recording of a man's witty response to a possibly unsolicited call from a bank, asking him if needed a loan, has left social media users in splits. The old audio clip has captured Twitter's attention again after it was shared last night by former Mizoram Governor Swaraj Kaushal, who dubbed it "hilarious". In the clip, the man can be heard pranking the bank's customer care executive by saying that he needs a loan of Rs 300 crore to buy a train.

In the audio clip - which has collected millions of views on social media since it emerged a few months ago - a customer care executive for the bank is heard asking the man if he needs a "business loan, car loan or home loan". To this, the man responds by saying that he does indeed require a loan - to buy a train.

"Train khareedni thi, ma'am (I need the loan to buy a train)," he tells the puzzled customer care executive, adding that he wanted a loan of Rs 300 crore.  

The rest of the conversation gets increasingly bizarre as the customer care executive struggles to remain professional and do her job - even as the customer on the other end tells her that he sells samosas, earns Rs 1,500 a day and claims that he does not have a bank account. After nearly four minutes, she ends the conversation by saying that she would get back to him about the loan after discussing it with her seniors, somehow maintaining her composure throughout.

"This is hilarious," wrote Mr Kaushal, husband of the late BJP veteran Sushma Swaraj, while sharing the clip on Twitter.

You can listen to the prank call below:

Several Twitter users agreed with him. "Hats off to that gentleman," wrote one, while another said, "The girl was so professional lol."

Various videos of the prank call has been floating on social media since January this year and have left millions amused. Let us know what you think of it using the comments section. 

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