He Lost His Wallet. Then His Bank Account Began To Receive Money

Tim Cameron received four payments for a penny each

He Lost His Wallet. Then His Bank Account Began To Receive Money

A man's lost wallet was returned to him using a clever trick (Representative Image)

London resident Tim Cameron was cycling home from work on Monday when he lost his wallet. The wallet did not have a lot of identifying information that could be used to trace it to Mr Cameron, so he assumed he had lost it forever - until a Good Samaritan found a genius way to return it to him.

According to Time, the 30-year-old checked his bank account for any strange activity after unsuccessfully trying to find the lost wallet. He did find some strange activity, but not the kind he had expected - his bank account had actually received money.

Mr Cameron notices a series of four bank transfers for a penny each. All the four transfers came with a part of a message which, when pieced together, read: "Hi, I found your wallet in the road", provided a phone number and ended with a request to call or text on it. Mr Cameron shared a screenshot of the bank transfers on Twitter:

It turns out that Mr Cameron's lost wallet had been found by Simon Byford, 30, who was cycling on the same route. Metro reports that Mr Byford tried to first look for Tim on Facebook but couldn't find him. He then decided to try making bank transfers, although he felt it would be a "long shot".

"When he got in touch I just felt surprise and delight. I was expecting him to eventually but it all happened quite quickly," Mr Byford said to Metro.

Mr Cameron, for his part, is full of praise for the Good Samaritan. "He's the nicest bloke ever - it's not surprising he went above and beyond to get it back to me."

His tweet about the incident has also gone viral with over 30,000 'retweets' and a ton of amazed comments.

"This took creativity.  Love seeing these acts of kindness," wrote one person. "That's so clever and kind!" another said.

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