Elon Musk's Day Out With Son X AE A-XII. Take A Look

The image shows Elon Musk at Starbase with his son, X AE A-XII.

Elon Musk's Day Out With Son X AE A-XII. Take A Look

Elon Musk with his son, X AE A-XII, at Starbase.

Elon Musk created a buzz when he shared a rare photo on Twitter with his son X AE A-XII. The photo was taken at Starbase, the launch site of SpaceX rockets located at Boca Chica, Texas. In the image, the Tesla founder is seen walking in front of the prototype Starship rocket with the baby strapped onto him. Along with the image, Mr Musk wrote, “Installing Starship booster engines for first orbital flight.” The tweet soon went viral and gave rise to a range of comments from users on social media.

Shared a few hours ago, the post has received over 103,800 likes.  Reacting to the image, one user joked, “Early version of human (aka baby) and early version of Starship in one pic.”

“He's a good dad raising some good kids,” one user said.

In a similar vein, another said, “You guys, Elon runs multiple world-changing companies and carries a baby around with him at the same time. I will never complain about being too busy again.”

Many even referred to Mr Musk's son as the “boss baby”.

Some only had eyes for the rocket, “I can't wait to experience its ultimate power!”

Recently, the entrepreneur had the Internet in splits when he told a user that he had “followed” her by mistake. It all started when the user wrote to Mr Musk and said, "Thank you for the follow. I'm delighted and honoured." To this, the billionaire said, "Sorry, accidental tap." Soon enough, Mr Musk went on to unfollow the said user.

One user even suggested that this “accidental tap” may be Mr Musk's son's fault. “That must have been little X messing around,” the person said. This could be a possibility, Mr Musk confessed. Replying to the tweet, he said, “He does like to play with my phone. There are many confusing videos he has taken.”

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