Cat Enjoys Bike Ride In Mumbai, Pics Delight Twitter

The bike-riding cat has amused many.

Cat Enjoys Bike Ride In Mumbai, Pics Delight Twitter

A cat was spotted riding pillion on a bike.

A cat, spotted riding pillion on a bike, has delighted social media users. Pics of the bike-riding cat have become a hit on Twitter, where they were shared on Wednesday. The pictures were posted by a Twitter user who goes by the name Weeb on the microblogging website, and have collected a number of 'likes' and amused comments. They show the cat holding onto the seat of a two-wheeler, apparently cool as a cucumber, while a man drives it.

It is not clear where the pics were clicked. However, a Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority logo in the background, along with a partially-visible license plate, suggest that the bike-riding feline was spotted in Mumbai.

Take a look at the viral photos below:

Since being shared online, pics of the cat have collected over 2,500 'likes' and a ton of comments.

Some Twitter users also asked why the man and the cat photographed were not wearing helmets, while others commented on his resemblance to Rishabh Pant.

A few weeks ago, a picture of a dog riding pillion on a bike in Delhi, wearing a helmet on his head, had gone viral online. Before that, it was videos of Sultan - the Mumbai dog famous for riding on top of auto rickshaws - that had delighted social media users.

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