Bright Green Puppy, Born In North Carolina, Stuns Internet

The green puppy has been named Hulk.

Bright Green Puppy, Born In North Carolina, Stuns Internet

A bright green puppy was born in North Carolina.

A pet dog in North Carolina recently gave birth to a lime green puppy, leaving many stunned. Gypsy, a white German shepherd owned by Shana Stamey, delivered puppies Friday morning, reports USA Today. It all went smoothly until the green pup - now named Hulk after the fictional superhero of the same hue - emerged.

"I started freaking out," Shana Stamey said. "But everybody was healthy."

Gypsy gave birth to a litter of eight puppies, and Hulk has captured the Internet's attention. Despite his neon green hue, the puppy is perfectly healthy and there's an explanation for his green colour.

"The sack that they're in when they're in their mom, there can be meconium in there and that tends to stain them," Junaluska Animal Hospital veterinarian technician Suzanne Cianciulli explained to WLOS. Meconium is an infant mammal's earliest stool. It tends to stain white fur, explained Ms Cianciulli.

A picture of the lime green puppy was posted on Facebook two days ago by Chris Grigg with the caption: "Our German Shepherd graced us with a 'Green' pup, 'Hulk' is 5 days old!"

Hulk's unusual colouring has also left Twitter users amazed.

Hulk's green fur will gradually fade to white. According to WLOS, Shana Stamey and her family plan on getting Hulk adopted when he is old enough. They consider themselves lucky to have Hulk.

"A good luck charm. We think so. He's pretty special," Ms Stamey said.

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