Bride Devastated By Peacock Cake That Looked Like "Lopsided Turkey"

Rena Davis paid $300 for her wedding cake

Bride Devastated By Peacock Cake That Looked Like 'Lopsided Turkey'

Rena Davis received a cake that looked little like the one she wanted.

A bride who ordered a peacock-themed wedding cake was left devastated when it arrived looking like a "lopsided turkey with leprosy." Rena Davis, from Georgia, ordered the peacock cake after showing pictures she found online to a baker. She paid $300 for the wedding cake. However, the cake she received looked starkly different from the reference picture. Her sister-in-law, Annette Hill, shared pictures on Facebook of the cake that arrived the night before the wedding.

According to Ms Hill's post, Rena Davis had wanted a heart-shaped fondant cake with two peacocks, their plume trailing off into blue and green cupcakes.

"Fast forward to 6:00 p.m. the night before the wedding and imagine that you are the bride eagerly awaiting your wedding cake being delivered," wrote Ms Hill. "The bride opens the box... One of the bird's heads falls off immediately.

"It's not covered with white fondant (because the baker said "it kept getting bubbles in it," Ms Hill continued. "The buttercream frosting that she used is so thin in places that you can actually see the cake through it, in other places it's cracking."

She then criticised the actual peacocks on the cake, writing: "The one "peacock" looks like a turkey with leprosy or something, and the 'white' bird, which isn't white at ALL, doesn't even have a tail or look like a bird in any way, it's just a brown BLOB!"

She also said that the bride-to-be was "devastated" by the cake and the baker initially refused a refund.

Annette Hill's post, shared last Sunday, has gone massively viral online, collecting over 5,000 'shares' and more than 8,000 shocked comments. "Looks like a dead pigeon," wrote one person. "I am just as horrified by the icing job on the cake!" said another.

According to Fox News, Ms Davis, 52, was refunded the $300 she spent on the cake after the Facebook post went viral.

"I felt heartbroken. I saw [the cake] and walked out of the room," she explained. "It was a lopsided mess - nothing like I thought it would be like... The only reason she gave a refund now was because of the viral post."

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