Boy Who Was Told He Would Never Walk Toddles Into Nursery In Heartwarming Video

"It just shows how determined he is and we are so proud of him," says Bleu Greenwood's mother.

A four-year-old boy in UK, who was told he would never be able to walk, recently toddled into his preschool with a huge smile on his face. Bleu Greenwood was born with a rare form of cerebral palsy, reports BBC. He was born with dystonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy that affected all his limbs. He also suffers from epilepsy, sleep apnea and has a weak immune system.

This summer, his parents raised 10,000 pounds to pay for a life-saving surgery for Bleu. The surgery cut some nerves in his spinal cord, reports Metro News. After months of intensive therapy following the operation, Bleu was able to take his first steps.

A heartwarming video shows him walking with the help of a specially-adapted walker for his first day of nursery. Bleu is seen grinning happily as he toddles in the video.

"It was the most emotional moment of my life," said his mother, Rielle, according to Metro News.

"It was so lovely and overwhelming to see because we never ever thought it would happen."

She added that the whole family celebrated the moment Bleu walked for the first time, and the emotional moment left many family members teary-eyed.

"It just shows how determined he is and we are so proud of him," Rielle Chapple, 27, said.

Bleu Greenwood started having seizures when he was just 10-days-old. At the age of four months, his parents received the diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

"They said it was the most severe case of cerebral palsy and said he'd never be able to talk. But they also said even with surgery he'd never walk."

Bleu's first steps following the surgery left everyone stunned and happy. His parents say his condition continues to improve.

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