French teen beats up teacher over lesson on Morocco
Agence France Presse | Updated: Sep 13, 2012 16:27 IST
Bordeaux:  A French teenager has been charged with assault after beating up a teacher following a row over a lesson on Morocco, his school said on Thursday.

The incident had initially been reported to have been triggered by a lesson on religion that had touched on the subject of Islam.

But Dominique Margueritat, the head of the Tregey Lycee in Bordeaux, said: "The row was about the political system in Morocco, the country the pupil comes from. It was a run-of-the-mill kind of thing that you get in teaching, nothing to do with religion."
France is home to at least four million Muslims and leaders of the largest Islamic community in Europe have been angered recently by a controversial ban on women wearing full veils and a rise in hate crimes.

A mosque in Limoges in central France was found with excrement smeared on its doors early Wednesday in an incident that raised fears of a reaction to Islamist protests in Egypt, Libya and Yemen over a US-made amateur film deemed to be insulting to the Prophet Mohamed.

Police have played down that suggestion. The mosque doors had been daubed with neo-Nazi graffiti at the end of July.

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