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Hillary on 5-day visit from Friday
Shaili Chopra, Wednesday July 15, 2009, Mumbai

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Hillary Clinton is coming to India for what is slated to be a major step forward in Indo-American ties. Mrs Clinton's first stop is Mumbai where she will stay at the Taj Hotel.

The Taj Mumbai, perhaps the most visible symbol of India's war against terrorism, on Friday will play host to Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State.

The heritage hotel, one of Mumbai's key landmarks was closed for about a month after the 26/11 terror attack.

Sources tell NDTV Secretary Clinton is very keen to stay in the hotel.

Significantly, she is not going to Pakistan on this tour, a trip which the State Department has said will be about enhancing the India-US strategic partnership.

"This partnership will enable us to advance solutions to the defining challenges of the 21st century, and to enhance global prosperity and stability," said Ian Kelly, Spokesman, US Department of State.

That includes a possible agreement on sites for American nuclear reactors and a key speech on climate change.

Hillary's India visit:

  • July 17: Mrs Clinton arrives in Mumbai on Friday night.
  • July 18: On Saturday morning she will attend a remembrance meeting on 26/11, which includes a meeting with the Taj staff who saved so many lives.
  • Right after that Ratan Tata is hosting an event on corporate social responsibility where industrialists like Mukesh Ambani, Swati Piramal and Jashed Godrej will be present.
  • Later that day, the Secretary will interact with Bollywood star Aamir Khan at an event at Xaviers college.
  • July 19: On Sunday she arrives in Delhi where a climate change event is on the cards
  • July 20: And her talks with the Prime Minister and the Foreign minister take place on Monday.
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