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2-month old baby youngest to get anticipatory bail
Mahak Jain, Sunday June 21, 2009, Mumbai

Two-month-old Zoya Khan is perhaps the youngest person to get bail. Her entire family was accused by her step mother of harassment for dowry.

Says lawyer Anil Bole: "Her stepmother Shakila lodged a complaint of dowry harassment against her father. In the complaint letter she is also mentioned as an accused."

Zoya's ordeal started last Friday when her stepmother filed the complaint. The Khans were summoned to the police station. Zoya spend over ten hours there with her biological mother before anticipatory bail was granted to them.

Says Zoya's mother Reshma Khan: "My daughter is two months old. I have to breast feed her in every ten minutes. If I am not around who ill take care of her."

The police says the complaint letter mentions everybody, including Zoya.

In their FIR, obviously, a minor Zoya is not an accused.

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