Mumbai Housing Societies, Non-Profits Supply Oxygen For COVID-19 Emergencies

Mumbai coronavirus: Orchid Enclave Housing society with over 300 apartments is not taking any chances; it is keeping oxygen cylinders for those in emergency

Coronavirus: Maharashtra has the highest number of coronavirus cases in India


After shortage of oxygen beds, hospitals and medical staff amid the coronavirus pandemic, people in Mumbai are now making arrangements for oxygen cylinders in housing societies. Videos are being shared that would help teach citizens on how to administer oxygen to a patient during emergency.

Orchid Enclave Housing society with over 300 apartments is not taking any chances. Oxygen beds are short in supply in the city and the society has kept oxygen cylinders on standby for emergencies. The arrangement has been made so that till the time oxygen beds are available, patients have something to fall back on.

They are also considering some temporary beds in their society itself.

"Our managing committee decided to procure oxygen cylinders and pulse oxymeter. We have informed residents to call the help desk in an emergency. Till the time they get a hospital bed we will provide them with oxygen and we have trained staff and we have 15 to 20 doctors living here who will supervise," Iqbal Osmany, secretary of Orchid Enclave Housing Society, told NDTV.

Some non-profits are now starting to procure and supply oxygen cylinders. At least 120 cylinders are available and the capacity will be increased, orthopaedic surgeon Dr Mustansir Abbasi said.

A 24-hour call centre will address oxygen needs of patients.

"Saifee Ambulance, Bhendi Bazaar, Giants Group, Byculla and NESH have come together to provide oxygen cylinders 24x7 without any profit or loss. You have to come with a doctor's prescription and you will get a cylinder. There is a refundable deposit of Rs 4,000 and refill will be done for Rs 200," said Dr Abbasi.

Maharashtra reported 2,361 new coronavirus cases and 76 deaths on Monday.

While the state has over 70,000 cases, over 30,000 have recovered. Some 2,363 have died in the state due to COVID-19 and there are 37,534 active cases.

Mumbai has a total of 41,099 cases of which 16,985 patients have recovered. Forty died in Mumbai on Monday, taking the total deaths to 1,319.