Valentine's Day 2020: Here's How Tech-Savvy Couples Can Express Love

Valentine's Day 2020: Gift your partner exclusive gifts and make the day extra special

Valentine's Day 2020: Here's How Tech-Savvy Couples Can Express Love

Valentine's Day 2020: Couples can use smart oil diffuser as gift item on Valentine's Day

New Delhi:

Happy Valentine's Day 2020! It is Valentine's Day today - the day when couples reaffirm their love for their partners, spend time together, plan romantic dates and adorn each other with gifts. Traditional gift options like flowers, chocolates, date nights, jewelry, are all great, but for those who wish to make their day special and different, they can choose gifts from a variety of electronics, gadgets. 

To simplify your task, we have compiled few tech-gift options for you.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant's new feature will help add romance to your day. Couples should simply say, "Hey Google, turn up the love" to see the magic unfold. There's a bonus of red and purple glow if you have smart lighting in your home.

Band To Monitor Beloved's Well Being

This Valentine's Day, one of the best ways to express your care for your partner can be by gifting a fitness band. Some of the most well-known brands offering the bands include Samsung, Fitbit, Xiaomi that can definitely help monitor sleep, steps and heart rate.

Foldable Phone

One of the latest gift product can be a foldable phone. The design-specific products are available with the leading cell phone brands in the market. In addition to this, On-Ear and In-Ear headphones and Bluetooth earphones can also be smart gift options.

Oil Diffusers

Candles and scents help create a relaxing atmosphere at home, but smart oil diffuser can be another valued gift item on Valentine's Day

Spice Up Things With Toys

Sex toys generally come with the territory of the day of love. A great way to express love is to surprise your partner with a sex toy and watch your relationship turn spicier.

Content Streaming Services

The most classic, also geeky, way to express love can be to sit back, grab some popcorn and tune in to the latest rom-com, horror, or thriller movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar to make the most of this Valentine's Day. Just ensure you have your own subscription to flaunt!

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