This Article is From Jun 29, 2017

If I Give You Piggy Bank, Will You Solve Mother's Case: 5-Year-Old To Cop

The Meerut girl visited Inspector General Ram Kumar at his office on Tuesday along with her maternal grandfather.

A girl in Meerut offered the money in her piggy bank to police to help solve her mother's death case.


  • Child's mother killed herself in April alleging harassment by husband
  • Cops demanded bribe to prepare chargesheet, says woman's family
  • Child meets senior police officer, gives piggy bank as "bribe"
Meerut: A five-year-old in Uttar Pradesh, whose mother died two months ago, has offered the contents of her piggy bank to the police to get them to move faster.

Manvi, who lives in Meerut district of Western Uttar Pradesh, visited Inspector General Ram Kumar at his office on Tuesday and told him he could have her savings. She was accompanied by her maternal grandfather. She told the police officer that she had heard that unless she paid a bribe, her mother's case would remain unresolved.

The officer told Manvi her complaint would be urgently addressed and returned her offering.

Manvi's mother, Seema Kaushik, killed herself in April and her family alleges that her husband and his relatives harassed her, initially for dowry. They reportedly framed her with two fake police cases that were rejected by a local court. The couple had separated four years ago and Ms Kaushik's complaints to the police of mental harassment and threats were allegedly ignored. Fed up, she killed herself, according to her family.

Her husband has been arrested, but Ms Kaushik's family claims that the police asked them for a bribe to prepare the chargesheet which is needed in court to initiate action.

"The police has actually acted in this case, the husband is already in jail and he has not even been granted bail yet. We are yet to get any evidence against the others, like the in-laws etc in the case. However, I have asked the concerned police officials to gather all evidencs and act in this case," said J Ravindra Gaur, a senior police officer in Meerut.

As Manvi was leaving the police station, she dropped her piggy bank and burst into tears.