Mend Or Be Isolated: PM Modi's Strong Message To Pakistan

Mend Or Be Isolated: PM Modi's Strong Message To Pakistan

PM Narendra Modi issued a strong message to Pakistan at the BRICS-BIMSTEC summit.

Goa: Without naming Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a strong message to it today at the summit of BRICS - a five-nation grouping including Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa. The message was reinforced at BIMSTEC, a conglomerate of five South Asian Nations.

PM Modi's top 5 quotes at the BRICS and BIMSTEC meet

  1. Terrorism, radicalisation and transnational crimes pose grave threats to each one of us. In South Asia and BIMSTEC, all nation states barring one, are motivated to pursue a path of peace for its people.

  2. This country in India's neighbourhood embraces and radiates terrorism. Terrorism has become its favourite child, and the child has come to define the character and nature of parent.

  3. Selective approaches to terrorists organisation and individuals will be counterproductive... criminality should be the only basis for action against individuals and organisations carrying out terrorist acts.

  4. We (BRICS nations) agreed that those who nurture, shelter, support and sponsor forces of violence and terror are as much a threat to us as terrorists themselves.

  5. The time to condemn state-sponsored terrorism is long gone, it's time to stand up and act, and act boldly. Those who nurture the philosophy of terror must be sent a clear message to mend their ways or be isolated in the civilised world.


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