This Article is From Jul 10, 2015

GoAir Plane Hit by Aerobridge at Chennai Airport, Operator Was On Phone

A GoAir flight was grounded after the plane hit an aerobridge at Chennai airport

Chennai: A GoAir plane with 168 passengers on board, including an infant, was hit by an aerobridge at Chennai airport and damaged in the process.

The collision took place because the aerobridge operator was allegedly on the phone when the aircraft was trying to align itself.

The aircraft, an A 320, had arrived from Mumbai at 6.22 am. Around 10 minutes later, it had a punctured fuselage after being hit by the aerobridge. Sources say the aerobridge operator, who was on the phone at the time, was "moving very fast" despite the airline staff asking him not to do so.

The plane has now been grounded. Passengers had to exit the aircraft from the rear door using a step ladder.