Weight Loss Plateau: Tips Straight From Nutritionist To Break It Immediately

During the weight loss journey, they are so many chances that you may hit weight loss plateau. Here are some ways to deal with weight loss plateau which can help you reach your goal.

Weight Loss Plateau: Tips Straight From Nutritionist To Break It Immediately

Weight loss plateau can be tackled with some simple changes


  1. Weight loss plateau can make it difficult for you to lose weight
  2. Do not give up and find the right solution to deal with it
  3. Increase the intensity of our workout to break weight loss plateau

We all hit a weight plateau at some point in our weight loss journey. But you need to find the right solution to break it. While there are many routes available to help break the plateau, the key lies in finding one that shall work for you. Some minor changes can help you go back to your weight loss journey. Here are some points to keep in mind while trying to break your plateaued weight. Follow these simple steps and reach your fitness goals.

Tips to break weight loss plateau

1. Exercise

There is something known as "too much exercise". If you're hitting it hard at the gym for over 1 hour, perhaps it's time to switch to short workouts. High intensity workouts for a duration of 30-40 mins using weights or your own body weight. Jerking the body and pushing it to its maximum within a short time frame can give you the push you need to reak that plateau. On the other hand, you might be working out incorrectly. Too much simple cardio in the form of walking may also make your weight plateau. Try to increase your pace and concentrate on the calories burnt as opposed to the time spent walking.

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2. Fibre

Sometimes we plateau due to constipation. It is always a good idea to include fibre rich foods like oats in the diet. Oats is a special kind of insoluble fibre that shall help to flush out the colon. Salad is another option, to include a simple salad of cucumber/onions/tomato can give you the natural cleanse your body needs to break that plateau.

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3. Movement

It is essential to be active through the day as opposed to restricting your activity to just your workout. If you have a desk job, try to find ways to leave your chair. For example if you're looking to fetch something, go ahead and get it yourself instead of asking for it to be done. Small ways of including activity help in bringing in movement throughout the day.

4. Water

A simple yet important thing, it is important to drink enough water in the day, keeping the minimum at 3 litres. It's essential to continuously flush your system, to keep the toxins out and avoid salt retention in the body. At times we retain water in the body, which leads to bloating and the weight to plateau.

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5. Thermogenesis

It's essential to eat to lose weight. The more you starve the tighter the body will hold onto fat. To keep the body temperature going it is good to eat every 2 hours, whether it is a major meal like lunch or a snack or even a beverage like coconut water. Keep the stomach juices working and allow your body the nourishment it needs to lose weight in a healthy manner.

6. Post workout meal

It is essential for your body to recover after a workout. Depending on the type of workout, recovery meals differ. After a mainly cardio centric workout go ahead and replenish those electrolytes with coconut water or lemonade. After a strenuous high intensity workout, recover by eating protein in the form of bars or shakes. Quantities should be taken after seeking professional advice.

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