Watch: Virat Kohli Tells Why Learning The Right Technique Is Important Before Increasing Weights In Strength Training

Strength training exercises: In his recent post on Instagram, Virat Kohli shares his transformation from three years ago; exhibits improved mobility and body strength while doing powerlifts.

Watch: Virat Kohli Tells Why Learning The Right Technique Is Important Before Increasing Weights In Strength Training

Virat Kohli believes in spending time to learn the right technique of exercise before increasing weights


  1. Learning the right technique of exercise is important
  2. It enables the exercise to target the right muscles
  3. It reduces risk of injury while doing strength training

Exercising, especially strength training, is important. And exercising with the right technique is equally important. Emphasising on the same is captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli. His regular Instagram followers would know how often the stalwart shares tidbits of fitness regime on Instagram. However, his one post this morning particularly grabbed our attention. He shared a video doing powerlifts, one from three years ago in July 2016 and the other from July this year. In both the videos, Virat can be seen giving his best to every rep of powerlifting, which is considered to be one of the most effective strength training exercises. The only difference between the two is Virat's improved strength and mobility in the video on the right (from July 2019).

Virat Kohli on strength training: learn the right technique first, then increase weights

He writes in the caption of the post, "Always take more time to get the technique right before wanting to take the weight up. Same exercise 3 years apart. Regular work on it and constantly focusing on technique has improved my mobility and full body strength too. So always be patient with learning something new. Stay fit stay healthy (sic)".

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Learning the right technique comes first

Virat emphasises that before increasing weights, one must always learn to do an exercise with the right technique. For an exercise to target the right muscles, learning the right technique is important. Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala did a series of social media posts focusing on "form is foundation" of an exercise. The right form of exercise is important for beginners. It sets a strong foundation for your body to be able to progress without injury.

Once you get the form or the technique of an exercise right, it improves body's mobility. It enables the exercise to work on the right muscles, making you physically and mentally capable to increasing weight.

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Increase weight after learning the technique

This flow in exercise is also known as the progressive overload principle. Following it is important to prevent weight loss plateau or stopping to make progress. "Always take more time to get the technique right before wanting to take the weight up," rightly says Virat. As we can see in the video shared above, Virat does the exercise with 10 kg plates on each side, in both the videos.

It might seem as if the cricketer has made no progress since he's still doing powerlifts with the same weights. But the real progress is when the body responds to the exercise with greater strength and mobility (as is visible in the video on the right).

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Increasing weights is important, but only once you feel you are able to do the exercise with the right technique, it's time you train your body for heavier weights.

Strength training is important for your health and you must dedicate time to strength training exercises in your workout routine.


You must include strength training in your fitness routine
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Until then, thanks captain Kohli for some amazing #motivation!

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