Plant-Based Diet For Weight Loss And Good Health: 5 Tips For Beginners

Plant-based diet for weight loss: Following a plant-based diet needn't be as difficult as it sounds. Indian diets comprise majorly vegetarian food. Here are some tips to switch to vegetarian or vegan diet smoothly.

Plant-Based Diet For Weight Loss And Good Health: 5 Tips For Beginners

A plant-based diet is less calorie-dense as compared to meat-based diet


  1. Make sure you include variety in your meals
  2. Increase quantity of food to prevent hunger pangs
  3. Practice meal-prepping to get optimum nutrition

Planning to go vegetarian or vegan? We got it covered for you! Many people today are resorting to plant-based diet for weight loss and good health. Following a plant-based diet needn't be as difficult as it sounds. Indian diets comprise majorly vegetarian food. An Ideal Indial home-cooked meal included dal, rice, roti, sabzi, salad and raita (assorted curd). Barring raita or curd (a dairy product, which is forbidden in vegan diet), all of these food items are plant-based or vegetarian. But this may not be the case for some people who include meat or seafood in their daily diet. Fret not as we are here with some effective tips that can help you switch to a plant-based diet quite smoothly.

Weight loss: Tips for starting a plant-based diet smoothly

1. Increase quantity of food

Plant-based diet is less calorie dense as compared to a meat-based diet. Eat to your heart's content and avoid depriving yourself. Include more whole foods in your diet and eat them to satiate your hunger. Whole foods like potatoes, beans, salad, quinoa and fresh fruits are all rich in fibre. They can induce feeling of fullness and keep you full for longer, thus reducing appetite and even helping with weight loss. Once you get used to plant-based diet, you will know your portion sizes and can eat accordingly.


Increase quantity of food as plant-based food is less calorie-dense
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2. Fill your kitchen with healthy foods

The whole idea behind following a plant-based diet is to make a switch to healthier eating. For this, you've got to fill your kitchen with healthy foods, including lots of vegetables and fruits. Get rid of unhealthy foods like ketchups, dips, pasta, bread, instant noodles. Cook your own food so you know what all goes in your food. Include as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as possible. Once you start eating home-cooked, fresh food, you will see that cravings for junk food and sugary foods will reduce massively.

3. Practice meal prepping

Meal prepping is the practice as part of which you plan your nutrient intake in a meal beforehand. Meal prepping is important for one and all, and being busy or in a tight schedule is no excuse here. Fix one day in a week in which you can plan your 3 meals and snacking for the week. After that, make preparations for your meals a day in advance. Some healthy quick meal options include sauted vegetables (including as many variety of vegetables as possible), salads, wraps, sandwiches, etc. Prepare them with natural, home-made ingredients and they will satiate you and keep cravings at bay. Carry some fruit or nuts, seeds and home-made protein bars for snacking. Meal prepping can enable healthy eating even when you're on-the go.

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4. Have a healthy, energising, plant-based breakfast

We would recommend keeping quick sandwiches of the table. Opt for home-made paranthas or oats with nuts, seeds and fruit. A healthy, energising breakfast is the key to prevent cravings in the rest of the day.

5. Keep things fun and exciting

Experiencing monotony is common when consuming a plant-based diet. This is where meal prepping comes to play its role. When you're making your weekly plan of meals, make sure it includes different foods for every meal, every day. Of course, you can repeat the foods that you are extremely fond of. But to break the monotony, you have got to include variety and not limit yourself to a few foods. Prepare a list before going to the groceries. Nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, lentils and beans are going to be your top picks. And trust us, there's enough variety in these categories of foods that can make plant-based diet fun and exciting.


Plant-based diet needn't necessarily monotonous and boring, include variety to keep things fun and exciting
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A plant-based diet, when followed in a healthy and wholesome manner, can be rich in protein, healthy carbs, fibre, fats, omega-3 fatty acids and other essential vitamins and minerals required for good health and weight loss. Let us know if you agree with us, in the comments below.

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