"Grounded Heart With A Soaring Spirit": Sushmita Sen's Post Is A Window To Her Soul

The actress loves to be open to life and her captions to her latest photo say just that.

'Grounded Heart With A Soaring Spirit': Sushmita Sen's Post Is A Window To Her Soul

Sushmita Sen shared this photo (courtesy sushmitasen47)


  • Sushmita shared a bunch of stunning pics on Instagram
  • "Open to life, I say, bring it!" she wrote
  • She described herself as a "soaring spirit"
New Delhi:

If we need to describe Sushmita Sen with one phrase, it has to be "free-spirited." The actress loves to listen to her heart and her latest photos on Instagram show us just this vast openness. The photos show Sushmita Sen standing on a cliff overlooking a river and facing picturesque hills in the distance. She holds her arms in the air, lets the breeze hug her and allows the wind to lift away her black shrug. Isn't it a sight to watch her soaking the energies of nature in that sun-kissed locale? Moreover, she is exuding a refreshing aura around her and we can feel it even while sitting in our own rooms. She wrote in the caption, "Grounded heart with a soaring spirit! Open to life… I say, bring it. I love you guys." With so much sunshine in her, we don't doubt she has always taken life as it came. 

When her positive vibes reach her fans, they can only thank her for it. In this post, one user commented, "You are truly an inspiration...Positivity is Sushmita Sen." Another wrote, "So true. You always capture the right spirit with the right caption."

Very few can radiate love the way Sushmita Sen does it. On Father's Day, the actress gave a shout out to her father, the "kindest, most loving and divine presence in our lives," by posting his photos. She added, "To all Fathers…Thank you."

Even when celebrating the anniversary of her web series Aarya, she left a beautiful note on Instagram. Last month, on this occasion, she posted a photo where she is glowing in the light of lanterns and candles. She wrote, "What a heartwarming journey of self-discovery!"

She is excited about season 2 of the web series and shared her joy by posting this video featuring Aarya2

She doesn't keep herself and her family away from her growing number of fans. If she isn't busy dancing in nature or at home or at the shoot, she brings her family for Instagram live sessions where she directly interacts with her fans. Her sessions always end up being enjoyable times for her and her fans.

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