Nothing To See Here. Just Disha Patani Setting Major Weekend Goals

The actress is in a playful mood with scrunchies around her wrist and a wide hairband to adorn her head.

Nothing To See Here. Just Disha Patani Setting Major Weekend Goals

Disha Patani shared this photo (courtesy dishapatani)


  • Disha Patani shared an adorable pic on Instagram
  • She captioned the photo with an alien emoji
  • Disha Patani's Instafam showered the post with heart-warming comments
New Delhi:

Wanted, wanted. Have you seen a nymph-like girl prancing about the town and playing with lights and shadows? She's dressed in lavender and blues and has got a killer smile. Oh, we've found her. Where? On actress Disha Patani's Instagram page. Well, the prancing nymph is none other than the pretty actress herself. You'll agree if you saw her lying on a heap of cushions in a lavender crop top and floral blue shorts. Beware, lest she should slay you with her cuteness. With a scrunchie around her wrist, small golden hoops on her ears and a wide brown hairband, Disha is exuding so much sunshine that she can't keep it to herself. 

The actress posted this photo on Instagram and we love the strips of sunshine and shadow that play over her. The actress is in quite a playful mood as she hides half her face behind her wrist. But she's pouring forth some magic dust with her smile. No wonder we are finding her irresistibly enigmatic in the photo.

Disha is known for being a sunkissed darling and she flaunts it best in a bikini at the beach. We won't deny we are falling for her luminescent tresses and those cheetah prints on her chiselled body. 

But don't take this beauty to be a fragile being. Disha has been endowed with much strength in body and mind. She can flex her skills at a backflip any day you ask her to show it. Here's a video where she stunned us with just that.

With that amazing flexibility and control, she is bound to be a good dancer. She proves us right in this dance cover where she grooves to the tunes of Kiss Me More by Doja Cat. Are we not already envying her moves?

Whenever she's not playing around at the beach or in the gym, she takes care of some animals around her. Disha has her fluffy cat by her side and often shows them to fans on her Instagram page. 

The help does not stop with cute pets and can extend to pampering little calves in a cow barn too. She doesn't forget to pose for a selfie with them.

The actress will be seen in Ek Villain Returns which features Tara Sutaria, John Abraham and Arjun Kapoor.