Mira Rajput Remembers Her "Quarantine Lover" In Yet Another Post. It's Not Shahid Kapoor

She shared a monochrome photo of herself on Instagram but her caption can only talk about food.

Mira Rajput Remembers Her 'Quarantine Lover' In Yet Another Post. It's Not Shahid Kapoor

Mira Rajput shared this photo (courtesy mira.kapoor)


  • Mira Rajput shared an ROFL post on Instagram
  • She added a quirky caption about her love for food
  • She also made a reference to her "quarantine lover"
New Delhi:

If we were to believe George Bernard Shaw, no love can, indeed, be sincerer than the love of food. Whether we hold it true in our lives or not, Mira Rajput Kapoor can at once believe these words true to the core. How do we know? Well, Shahid Kapoor's wife hasn't been a closeted foodie and food comes to her mind even as she poses for the camera. We've got proof. The recent photo she posted on Instagram is an enigmatic snapshot in monochrome hues. She looks with an intense gaze at the camera and we might as well know what is causing that look on her face. 

Mira Rajput spilled the beans as she wrote, "Insert 'looking at food as love' caption. But I really don't… unless, of course, it's Yauatcha Mumbai." Her hashtag said "quarantine lover" and we know this lover can be none other than food. We don't need any fanciful captions after reading this, do we?

Once we get a close look at Mira Rajput's Instagram posts, her love for food becomes all the more obvious to us. The fitness freak loves yoga but she isn't compromising food for that. In a hilarious video, she posted not a week ago, we see her thinking about pizza as she struggles with the plow pose on her yoga mat. Have we known a cuter foodie?

While we check out what her foodie self is up to, the fun-loving Mira Rajput can also keep us entertained with her selfies. If she has got some really good ones on her phone, she has also failed in some of them and she isn't shy to share the fun with us. She posted some of her failed selfie attempts with a face tired of the humidity in the air. Her caption undercuts the humour, "This is why I click selfies."

The playful Mira Rajput can as well become a stunning model in a flashing white salwar suit. But humour doesn't leave her side. In her caption, she'll recount all the characters from an old Nirma washing powder advertisement to get us laughing. 

But no matter how much she indulges in selfies or yearns for tasty treats, she can't help save a large part of her heart for Shahid. She has been missing the actor while he is busy with shoots for an upcoming film. So what does Mira Rajput do to soothe her heart? She openly spills it out on Instagram and says that "FaceTime just doesn't cut it." We feel it.

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