Diljit Dosanjh's Heart-Warming Message To Honsla Rakh Co-Star Shehnaaz Gill: "You Are Strong"

Diljit Donsajh and Shehnaaz Gill are co-stars of the new movie Honsla Rakh

Diljit Dosanjh's Heart-Warming Message To Honsla Rakh Co-Star Shehnaaz Gill: 'You Are Strong'

Diljit Dosanjh shared this photo of Shehnaaz (courtesy diljitdosanjh)


  • Diljit shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics from Honsla Rakh set
  • He thanked his co-star Shehnaaz Gill in a post
  • "Stay like this," Diljit Dosanjh added
New Delhi:

Shehnaaz Gill has received an endearing shout out from co-star Diljit Dosanjh in the form of an Instagram story. Shehnaaz Gill and Diljit Dosanjh are co-stars of the new film Honsla Rakh, which released today. Just the evening before, the Punjabi star dedicated thank-you notes to the entire cast and crew of Honsla Rakh and there was for Shehnaaz Gill as well. In an Instagram story, Diljit Dosanjh wrote: "Thanks, Shehnaaz. You are a very strong woman, stay like this." With his post, Diljit Dosanjh appeared to encourage Shehnaaz Gill to stay strong. Shehnaaz Gill was immensely affected by the sudden death of Sidharth Shukla last month - she took a break from work and rejoined earlier this month.

For those who are unaware, Sidharth Shukla was Shehnaaz Gill's close friend - he died at the age of 40 last month. Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla fell in love during their stay in the Bigg Boss 13 house - he was the winner of the show.

Here's what Diljit Dosanjh shared for Shehnaaz Gill:

Shehnaaz Gill and Diljit Dosanjh also co-star with Sonam Bajwa along with child artist Shinda Grewal in Honsla Rakh. In a recent video from the film's promotions, the former Bigg Boss contestant can be heard saying in Punjabi: "I'd like to tell myself Honsla Rakh."

In another viral video, tweeted by child actor Shinda Grewal, who plays Shehnaaz Gill's son in the movie Honsla Rakh, the actress can be seen playing Guess The Character on an app. The result shown on the phone - "Shehnaaz Kaur Gill Shukla" - became a top trend on Twitter.

In terms of work, Shehnaaz Gill has featured in several Punjabi music videos and films such as Kala Shah Kala and Daaka.