"Did I Take You By Surprise," Writes Mira Rajput Sharing New Selfie

From the lighting to her make-up, everything was on point

'Did I Take You By Surprise,' Writes Mira Rajput Sharing New Selfie

Mira Rajput shared this picture.(Imagecourtesy: mira.kapoor)

New Delhi:

Take a look at Mira Rajput's latest Instagram post and check if it took you by surprise. Well, it's not us who's asking you, but Mira herself. Actor Shahid Kapoor's wife shared a selfie where she looks stunning — the lighting is perfect, her neutral make-up and eyeliner were on point, and her skin looks flawless. Mira also showed off her unique earrings. In the caption, she asked, “Now, did I take you by surprise?” Compliments such as “natural beauty,” “pretty” and “gorgeous” made their way to the comments section.

Recently, Mira shared a post where she's seen working out in her backyard, which she had converted into a gym. Clad in a black-and-white gym wear, she can be seen working out in the gym located amid mango trees. We can also see a lot of workout equipment, kettlebells, and a couple of yoga mats scattered around. There's also a table filled with water containers.

Mira is a hardcore food-lover. Not only does she like to gorge on sumptuous dishes, but she also makes them too. In one of her recent social media uploads, Mira shared her thoughts on cooking plant-based recipes.

Her caption reads, “For me, cooking is about having fun, connecting with oneself, and having shared memories around the table. The world is moving towards being more plant-based and it's not just about vegan cheese and meat substitutes, but honouring each vegetable and fruit, enjoying it for its inherent flavour and having fun with it in spontaneous ways.” She also shared recipe book suggestions for those who are walking on the same path.

She also wrote in the caption that she loves “to cook instinctively, quickly and with minimal reading”, adding that though she refers to recipes, she comes up with her “own version because often the ingredients are not locally available and more so because I lack the patience for long, measurement bound recipes”.

Mira and Shahid got married in 2015. They have two kids, daughter Misha and son Zain.