Bhavana Panday Is Setting Major Mom Goals With Her "Cuties" - Daughters Ananya And Rysa

The three women have been often seen spending fun times with one another and Bhavana Pandey keeps us posted with such moments on Instagram.

Bhavana Panday Is Setting Major Mom Goals With Her 'Cuties' - Daughters Ananya And Rysa

Bhavana Panday shared this photo (courtesy bhavanapandey)


  • Bhavana Panday posted a pic with her daughters
  • Bhavana Panday described Ananya and Rysa as "cuties"
  • "Me and my cuties," she wrote
New Delhi:

One, two, and there goes three. Here are three beautiful smiles to give us a head start to our weekends with perky vibes. But who are the three Musketeers we are eyeing today? We are warming up for the day with a photo of actress Ananya Panday with her mother Bhavana Pandey and her younger sister Rysa Panday. To see these three women together isn't a rare sight on Bhavana Pandey's Instagram page.  And every time we catch a glimpse of their fun times together, we feel their sunny vibes dawning on us as well. Bhavana Pandey, actor Chunky Panday's wife, has shared yet another snippet from their mother-daughter diaries and we are sensing their chilled mood already.

We see Ananya leaning on Rysa from one side. The actress is in a casual slip top and giving us a luscious smile. Bhavana Pandey is giving a side hug to Rysa and seems to be having a radiant time in her red mirrored sunglasses. Rysa, the youngest in the group, is all glee as she holds a glass of drink. What does the mother say to this trio? She wrote in her caption, "Me and my cuties."

The mother and sisters are known to remain cosy in their tightly knit relations with one another. This is not a new tale to be told. In a throwback photo from Ananya's teenage years, we see the three adorably matching their clothes in shades of red. 

The colour coordinated clothing series doesn't end with one photo. Bhavana Pandey had earlier posted a photo of little Ananya where the mom and daughter are seen wearing pink and white casual wear and their hair tied into two braids.

From the Maldives to California, Bhavana Pandey's Instagram page abounds in family pictures with her husband and lovely daughters. No matter what location, the family is always smiling when together and we can't have enough of those happy sparks flying off from their love.

Sometimes, Bhavana Pandey just can't have enough of just-chill times and she keeps flooding her page with breezy photos. Here's one where she is seen with her husband in the Maldives. If their photos weren't enough to make us crave the beaches, her caption surely does the trick, "Chilling with my red lobster."

Those are some of the enviable family hours that Ananya Panday's family gets to spend together.