CBSE Board 2020: Tips To Score Better In Class 12 Biology Paper

The Board will conduct the CBSE Class 12 Biology paper on March 14.

CBSE Board 2020: Tips To Score Better In Class 12 Biology Paper

CBSE Class 12 Biology paper will be held on March 14.

New Delhi:

Biology, as a subject, act as a stepping stone for amazing carrier options in many fields including medicine and it is one of the most important subjects in CBSE Class 12 annual examinations, says Rupali Saini, a PGT Biology who has teaching experience of more than 7 years in different Boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB and Cambridge. The Board will conduct the CBSE Class 12 Biology paper on March 14. The students who are going to appear for CBSE board exam 2020 usually face difficulty in revision just before a month from the exams. 

Ms Saini has shared few tips here to score better in the CBSE Class 12 Biology paper: 

Understand the Blueprint of question paper

Before starting revision understand the blue print of board question paper. Knowing the pattern will save some crucial time in the exam. An overview of the pattern is given below:

Section Name

Answer type

Question detail


Section A

Very short answer

5 questions 1 mark each


Section B

Short answer I

7 questions 2 marks each


Section C

Short answer II

12 questions 3 marks each


Section D

Long answer

3 questions of 5 marks each


Make revision a golden rule

Revision is a key to success. By regular revision, students can retain all the important points and can effectively remember the concepts during the exams. While doing the revision, don't forget topics with more weightage. 

Time Management Strategy

It is very important to manage time while writing. 

Try to finish:

Section A in 25 mins as the questions are very short answer type.

Section B should be finished in 40 minutes as 7 questions are included.

Section C includes 12 questions and so it should be finished within 1 hour.

Section D is long answer questions and one should not take more than 45 minutes to finish this section.

The last 15 minutes of the exam must be utilized for revision.

Draw diagrams wherever required

A question might have a huge theoretical answer but this can be reduced to a simple explanatory answer by drawing the necessary diagrams (case in point - DNA structure, Molecular biology, reproductive system etc.). While answering 3 markers and 5 markers make sure to incorporate diagram if needed and write theory in points.

Check previous year toppers answer sheet on CBSE portal

Go through the solution document released by the CBSE for previous year biology paper to understand the answer writing skills and stepwise marks allocation method.

Read NCERT Properly

Do not refer any new book in the last moment. Go through previous year question papers (5 to 10 years) solve them and track some important topics being asked many times in the papers.

(With Inputs from Rupali Saini, PGT Biology)

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