This Article is From Feb 07, 2015

Fevicol for Arvind Kejriwal, Bouquets for BJP, Says Yogendra Yadav of AAP

AAP's Yogendra Yadav speaks to NDTV

New Delhi:

As exit polls predicted not just first place but a majority for Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Yogendra Yadav told NDTV that he would like to send "bouquets to thank the BJP."

Mr Yadav is one of the most senior leaders of AAP, which according to an average of seven polls will get 42 of the 70 seats of Delhi assembly. Appearing on NDTV, Mr Yadav said that the party has devoted its last few months to an extensive door-to-door campaign in the capital, particularly after it bombed in last year's national election, winning just four seats.

"There were some upper middle class colonies where it was hard for our people to even set foot after Lok Sabha elections," said Mr Yadav, adding that AAP then expended energy and effort on a structured grass root campaign.

"The rest of the work was done for us by the BJP's local leadership," he said, referring to the acrimonious infighting that was triggered by the BJP's decision to announce Kiran Bedi as its chief ministerial candidate.

Mr Yadav also said that a major challenge for AAP was countering the allegation that it was inept and incapable of governance, a charge whose amplification was enabled by Mr Kejriwal's disastrous decision to quit as chief minister after a 49 day term in February last year.

"There will be no more running away," said Mr Yadav, adding "Arvind Kejriwal has bought a bottle of Fevicol now."

The BJP has countered that exit polls have frequently proved to be wrong. Results will be declared on Tuesday.