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Election Results: Track Live Updates from Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand
Dec 23, 2014 15:30 (IST)
BJP Party President Amit Shah on BJP's Performance in Jammu & Kashmir and Jharkhand Assembly Elections

This is a year of big wins for the BJP.

I would like to assure the people of Jharkhand that BJP will keep its promises of development.

Our vote share in Jharkhand has gone up from 24% to 31.3%. Percentage wise in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP has got the largest vote share of over 23%.

I thank the BJP workers in both the states. Without them, this electoral victory would not have been possible.

Party is keeping all the options open for the formation of a popular government in Jammu and Kashmir. We will decide on the basis of initiative taken by other parties.

Poll verdict is a lesson for those who oppose our government's agenda of development and change.

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