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"Friends In The Opposition Are Very Funny": PM Modi At Tirupur Rally Highlights
Feb 10, 2019 16:12 (IST)
PM Modi in Tirupur: 

  • Congress never leaves an opportunity to belittle our army. Few days ago, one of the Congress leader used inexcusable language for the Army chief
  • By 2022, we are aiming to achieve housing for all and working in this direction 1.3 crore houses have already been built in the last four years
  • Today the entire world is talking about the development of India. This development is possible due to the strength and skill of the people of India
  • Middlemen are no longer roaming the corridors of power
  • Friends in the opposition are very funny. They claim that that Modi government are a failure. The opposition still keep looking to make alliances. This is adulteration.
  • Opposition's political culture of abusing PM Modi may give them some space in television but the elections are fought on one's vision for the nation, not slander and attack
  • The opposition is only good at spreading panic. Time and again they have tried to mislead the farmers, poor and youngsters of the nation

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