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Mamata Banerjee Calls Off Protest In Kolkata: Highlights
Feb 05, 2019 14:19 (IST)
Mamata Banerjee on BJP rallies in Bengal:
While Amit Shah was recovering from swine flu, he came to Bengal. That was not right. We wanted him to get better. And then they say we denied him permission. I have not forgotten. I was denied guest house in Maharashtra, Bihar. You put your own house in order first, then take action against us.

The Nobel prize of Rabindranath Tagore was stolen. I want to ask CBI, will you first solve that? It's been 7-8 years. Why can't you give us the papers for Nobel Prize?

We have not denied permission for rally, they only ask for permission 3 hrs before the rally, arrangements can't be made last minute

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