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Mamata Banerjee Calls Off Protest In Kolkata: Highlights
Feb 05, 2019 11:26 (IST)
Pointers from Mamata Banerjee's press conference at her protest spot in Kolkata:
  • Only the people and nobody is the big boss of this country. Only democracy is the big boss of this country.
  • Just calling them and arresting them. People cannot go to court. CBI has its own court. How will people get justice. I am fighting for millions of people not just Rajeev Kumar.
  • On asked if she will continue her dharna, "I will not decide in a hurry. Let me consult my people. So many opposition leaders are coming. Today Naidu is coming. We are not fighting alone. Let me consult and tell."
  • On top court verdict, "It's not my victory alone. It's victory of constitution. It's the victory of Save India."
  • Our movement is the movement of people. I have digested the injustice for too long. My heart was crying at the injustice.
  • In the top court, Centre's allegations have been rejected. Mutual place has to be agreed on. Rajeev Kumar's arrest has been denied.
  • Today is victory of democracy, victory of Save India, victory of people.
  • On allegation about Yogi Adityanath chopper not being allowed to land, "It's absolutely wrong."
  • Modi hatao, Desh bachao--- We will fight the battle with all the political parties. All the people are invited to be the prime minister.
  • PM Modi has destroyed democracy.
  • Tell Yogi Adityanath to take care of UP first. So many people have been killed, even cops are not safe.
  • Will discuss with everyone about the dharna then see if will continue or not.
  • I am ready to lay down my life for my country but I won't tolerate the injustice.
  • So many people are involved in the chit fund case. Babul Supriyo said he was the rose in Rose Valley. What happened to that?
  • I have written a bestseller, I am an artist, that is why I paint. This has nothing to do with me selling my paintings to chit fund companies.
  • My dharna was not to cause inconvenience. Has Jayalalithaa not protested? There are so many leaders who have protested.
  • I have struggled all through my life. I have campaigned for human rights. Campaigned for lock up day when Narasimha Rao was PM over rights violation, the protest went on for over 20 days. Mr Rao heeded our concerns. I protested when farmers' lands were being taken away forcefully. I was on protest for 26 days.
  • Mamata Banerjee says CBI-Kolkata police commissioner tussle was nothing but political vendetta.

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